Understanding the Difference between Legacy Resource Planning and Planning


Understanding Workfront Resource Planning

Resource Planning in Workfront allows you to accurately allocate your resources based on their availability to projects in order of their priority. When planning your resources, you are performing a high-level allocation of resources, which distributes them to the projects you are currently working on. To specifically assign resources to work items (issues and tasks), use the Resource Scheduling tools.
For more information about scheduling resources, see the "Scheduling Resources" section. 

As a Resource Manager, you can manage your resources in Workfront by leveraging two distinct areas of functionality:

  • Planning (recommended): you can add users to Resource Pools, add Resource Pools to your projects, and manage all allocations (for job roles as well as users) in the Resource Planner.
    For more information about planning resources, see the "Resource Planning" section. 
  • Legacy Resource Planning: you can add job roles to Legacy Resource Pools and manage their availability in the Resource Budget Manager, and their allocations to projects in the Capacity Planner. As a subset of Legacy Resource Planning, you can also manage your user allocations in the User Utilization report and Resource Grid
    IMPORTANT The Legacy Resource Planning functionality is deprecated and it will soon be removed from Workfront. For more information about Legacy Resource Planning, see the "Legacy Resource Planning" section. 

NOTE These two types of resource planning tools do not communicate with one another and they must be configured separately. 

Accessing the Legacy Resource Planning and the Planning Tabs

  1. Navigate to the People area in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. (Recommended) Select the Planning tab for configuring the current resource planning tools. 
    Select the Legacy Resource Planning tab for configuring the legacy resource planning tools.
    You might not have access to this functionality because it is supported by Flash, which has been deprecated in most environments.
    For more information about the functionality in the Legacy Resource Planning tab, see  "Understanding the Legacy Resource Planning Tab."
    For more information about the functionality in the Planing tab, see "Understanding the Planning Tab."

Understanding the Planning Tab

We recommend that you leverage the functionality in the Planning tab in the People area of Workfront for managing the allocation of your resources to projects. 


To use the tools available when planning your resources, you must add users to Resource Pools and use the Resource Planner to manage your resources across your projects.

For more information about Resource Planning, refer to the following articles:

The budgeting information defined in this area also reflects in the Resource Budgeting area of the Business Case, at the project level. 
For more information about budgeting resources in the Business Case, see "Budgeting Project Resources in the Business Case."

For a complete list of the prerequisites that must be met before you can start using the tools in the Planning tab, see the "Understanding Prerequisites for Resource Planning" section in "Getting Started with Resource Planning."
For all information about managing your resources in the Planning tab, see the "Resource Planning" section.  

Understanding the Legacy Resource Planning Tab

IMPORTANT The functionality available in this area is deprecated and it will soon be removed from Workfront. If you have been using the functionality in this area, we encourage you to configure the current functionality for resource management, available in the Planning tab in the People area. 
For more information about understanding Legacy Resource Planning, see "Understanding Legacy Resource Planning." 

You can manage your resources in the following ways by using the tools in the Legacy Resource Planning tab:

For more information about using the Legacy Resource Planning tools, see the "Legacy Resource Planning" section. 



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