Adding an Outlook Email as a Task in Your Work List

You can convert Outlook emails to Workfront tasks. After an email is converted, the task is available in your Work List in the Home area. 

  1. Select the email within Outlook that you want to convert to a task.
  2. Click the Workfront icon in the upper-right corner of the email message to display the Workfront add-in.
    You might need to click the down-pointing arrow in the upper right of your email to access the Workfront icon.
  3. Click the Menu icon to display the list of available Workfront options.
  4. Click Add to Work.
  5. Unselect the Add to Project field. 
  6. (Optional) You can update the following information from the email before it is saved as a task:
    • Task Name: By default, the task name is the same as the email Subject. You can modify the task name as desired.
    • Description: By default, the description is the same as the email Body. You can modify the description as desired.
    • Attachments: Any email attachments are saved to the Documents area of the task. You can delete any attachments before saving the email as a task.
  7. Click Add.
    The task is added to the Work List in your Home area with no commit date.
  8. (Optional) Click View in Workfront to open the task within the Workfront application in a new tab.
  9. (Optional) Navigate back to Outlook, and select the original email.
    At the top of the Workfront add-in panel, notice the confirmation with a link that the email was added to Workfront as a task. The link includes the date on which it was converted.

This article last updated on 2018-12-28 18:55:06 UTC