Viewing Additional Information about the Workfront Add-In for Outlook 365 and Logging Out

The functionality described in this section is available when using the Workfront Add-In in Outlook 365 on the web, as well as when using the Windows and Mac desktop versions of Outlook included with the Office 365 subscription. For more information, see "Setting Up the Workfront Add-In for Oultook."

You can view details about the version of the add-in, navigate directly to the web version, submit feedback, or log out.

  1. Select an email in Outlook. 
  2. Click Workfront icon to display the Workfront add-in.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to your user name.
  4. Click one of the following options:
    About: View information about the Workfront add-in, including the current version, what's new, and a link to how-to information on the Workfront Help site.
    Web Version: Launch the full Workfront application in a new browser window.
    Submit Feedback: Submit feedback to Workfront regarding the Workfront Add-In.
    Logout: Log out of the Workfront Add-In. (This option does not log you out of Microsoft Office.) 
This article last updated on 2017-10-11 18:20:08 UTC