Using a Bubble Chart to Report on Risk


Trying to chart Risks in a Project Report.
When selecting Risk as an axis, the only option is Count.


Risk is not a number field and cannot be summed or averaged. Therefore, it is not possible to use a summarization on the Risk field other than Count.


The workaround is to create a custom calculated field of Number format based on the Risk field.

  1. Create a project type custom form.   NOTE: All the projects that will be used in the report must have this field in at least one of the attached forms.
  2. On the project type custom form, create a custom calculated field of format type Number.
  3. In the calculation field add following: IF(Risk=1,1,IF(Risk=2,2,IF(Risk=3,3,IF(Risk=4,4,IF(Risk=5,5,0)))))
  4. Make sure the above field is added to the project report columns summarized by Average.
  5. Use that field as Y axis on the Bubble chart.

This will display the different Risks per bubble.

This article last updated on 2017-11-10 21:03:14 UTC