Comparing Proofs within Workfront

You can use the Web Proofing Viewer to compare any two proofs that you have access to view. You can compare two proofs from a list of proofed documents, or you can compare two versions of the same proof.

Comparing Two Proofs from a Document List

You can compare two proofed documents within any single document list, such as within the Documents tab in a project, task, issue, portfolio, or within the main Documents area in the Global Navigation Bar. 

  1. Navigate to the document list that contains the two proofed documents you want to compare.
  2. Select the first document that you want to compare, then press and hold the Command key (on Mac) or the Ctrl key (on Windows) and select the second document that you want to compare.
    A proof must already be generated for each document that you select for comparison.
  3. Click Compare Proofs.
    If this button is not visible, ensure that two proofed documents are selected.
    Both proofs are displayed in the Web Proofing Viewer in a side-by-side view. You can proof each document while comparing them.
  4. For information about comparing the two proofs, see "Using Compare Tools" in "Comparing Proofs in the Web Proofing Viewer."

Comparing Two Versions of a Proof

For information about comparing two versions of the same proof, see "Comparing Proof Versions" in "Comparing Proofs in the Proofing Viewer."

This article last updated on 2019-03-28 21:25:29 UTC