How to Report on Who Has a Proofing License in Workfront


There a few ways to view which users in Workfront currently have the option "User can generate proofs" checked. You can check this either by creating a User Report or by adding a Column in your People's tab to show whether or not they have a License assigned to them. This article shows both ways of gathering this information. 



  1. Navigate to Reporting Tab
  2. + New Report
  3. User Report
  4. Add the filter "User>>Has Proof License>>Equal>>True
  5. Save + Close
  6. This will now display all users in Workfront with a Proofing License assigned to them


People View:

  1. Navigate to the People Tab in Workfront
  2. Select the People subtab
  3. Select View
  4. Either Customize your current view or select "+ New View"
  5. + Add Column
  6. Add "User>>Has Proof License"
  7. Save View
  8. The View will now display a True/False for whether or not a user has a Proof License assigned to them