Deleting Templates

We recommend that you deactivate templates that you are no longer using, instead of deleting them. For information about deactivating a template, see "Editing Templates."

When you delete a template, the projects that are using that template will not be modified in any way. However, you can no longer see the name of the original template in the Template field on the project. That field remains blank after the template originally associated with the project is deleted. 

You must have the following access level and permissions to be able to delete a template:

  • Edit access to Templates with Delete advanced settings.
  • Manage permissions to the template that you want to delete with Delete advanced settings.

To delete a template:

  1. Navigate to the Projects area in your Global Navigation Bar, then to the Projects page.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Select the template that you want to delete by clicking the checkbox to the left of the template name, then click Delete Yes, Delete It to confirm the deletion. 
    Go to a template, and click Template Actions> Delete Template> Yes, Delete It
    The template is no longer available to be associated with a project. 
This article last updated on 2019-04-08 13:24:23 UTC