My Approvals - too many proofs visible on the list


My Approvals display multiple proofs even for the completed projects, and for documents with Approvals submitted. This could be due to missing proof decisions on the tasks and projects that are now complete, and where the Approvals were made on a document, not on a proof level.

Additional information

We now include the proofs approvals in My Work area. In My Approvals, we list all the proofs to which you are added with a decision making role and your decision is not submitted - this includes the proofs you've created yourself. 

The proof roles with Decisions are:

  • Approver
  • Reviewer&Approver
  • Author
  • Moderator


Once your decision is submitted, or your role is changed to one without Decisions, i.e. to Reviewer or Read Only, the proof will disappear from the list. 

If you see any unwanted items in the list:

Check your proof Role and Decision

To do so:

  • Open the proof
  • Go to the Workflow panel
  • Check your assigned settings, as shown here


Take action on a proof

  • Submit your decision via Proof Viewer, or
  • If you are the proof Owner or you are Supervisor or Administrator for proofing - change your proof role to Reviewer or Read Only (you can adjust the roles or the other participants as well, if needed)



Make batch updates via ProofHQ dashboard

  • If you are an Administrator for proofing navigate to the ProofHQ Dashboard
  • Go to Contacts page


  • Locate yourself, or any other user for whom you want to make adjustments
  • Scroll down to the Shared Items section
  • Select all the items you want to adjust
  • Go to the More menu at the top of the list
    • Choose Activate if you have any locked proofs on your account (the next changes will not apply to the locked proofs) 
    • Choose Submit decision - if you know which decisions you'd like to make for these items, or
    • Choose Change Role and make a change to Reviewer to remove the decision options form the items
  • If you want to make adjustments for other users - go to their Contact details pages and repeat the above steps - this will make changes on for their entries on their behalf

Please note: The adjustments will not remove any comments from the proofs, and they will not affect any approvals made on documents via Workfront Documents Approvals tool.


If you need any assistance please do reach out to our Customer Care team at