Understanding Actual Hours


The hours you log on your work items in Workfront are considered Actual Hours.
Actual Hours represent the actual time that it took you to complete a task, issue, or a project. 

We recommend that hours should be logged on work items, which are tasks and issues. 
However, as a system administrator, you can allow users to log time on projects, as well, depending on what the workflows are in your organization.
For more information about how to set up your system to allow users to log time on projects, see "Timesheet and Hour Preferences."

Understanding Actual Hours on Tasks and Issues vs. Actual Hours on Projects

The Actual Hours on tasks and issues represent the number of hours logged directly on the tasks and issues. 

NOTE Actual Hours from children tasks roll up to the Actual Hours on the parent task. The following formula applies for the Actual Hours on a parent task:

Parent Task Actual Hours = All Tasks Actual Hours + Parent Task Actual Hours

Actual Hours for Projects represent a total of Actual Hours from all the tasks on the project (including hours logged directly on parent tasks), all the issues on the project as well as the Actual Hours logged on the project itself.

The following formula applies for the Actual Hours on a project:

Project Actual Hours = All Tasks Actual Hours + All Issues Actual Hours + All Project Actual Hours

Finding Actual Hours

Finding the value for Actual Hours for an item is identical for tasks, projects, and issues. 

You can find the Actual Hours information on tasks in the following locations:

Actual Hours in the Details Tab

  1. Navigate to a task for which you want to review the Actual Hours.
  2. Navigate to the Task Details tab.
  3. Select the Overview sub-tab.
    Notice the Actual Hours value.
    This is the total of hours logged on this task.

Actual Hours in the Hours Tab

  1. Navigate to a task for which you want to review the Actual Hours.
  2. Navigate to the Hours tab.
    Depending on your Layout Template, the Hours tab might be listed under the More link.
    This displays a list of hour entries logged on the task. 
  3. Ensure that the Standard view and the Project grouping are applied to this list.
    The number shown in the grouping line for the Hours column is the total number of Actual Hours on the task. 

Actual Hours in Reports

When building tasks, issues, or projects reports, you can show the Actual Hours value for each task, issue, or project in the report. 

Adding the Actual Hours column to a task view is similar to building a view in a task report. 
To show Actual Hours in a task report:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting area in Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Select the Reports tab.
  3. Click New Report, then choose Task as your object.
  4. Click Add Column, and start typing Actual Hours when the Show in this column drop-down field is displayed. Select the field when it appears in the list.
  5. Click Save + Close to save the report. 
    The Actual Hours column shows the number of hours logged on each task. 

Actual Hours in Resource Management Tools

If you want to see the progress of the work your users are doing on their assigned tasks and issues, you can view them in the following Resource Management tools:

Logging Time

You can log time on tasks, issues, and projects in multiple ways.
For more information about logging time in Workfront, see "Logging Time." 


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