API Version Release and Deprecation Schedule


Workfront releases new API versions on a biannual basis--every six to eight months. 

In addition, with each new version released, Workfront will:

  • Deprecate (available, but no longer supported) the oldest supported version of the API
  • Remove (no longer available) the oldest version of the API in a deprecated state


Every new version of the API is supported for three years after its release, with an additional year in a deprecated state (available, but not supported).

In addition, Workfront will discontinue support for the Default Version of the API

NOTE All Workfront URI calls must specify a version of the API. Integrations that do not specify a version in the URI are automatically routed to the Default Version of the API and will fail once the Default API is removed July 1, 2018. 

Workfront will continue to support API Version 2 and the Default Version of the API until July 2018; however, you must update your integrations by that date to avoid integration failure.

The following table shows the Release/Deprecation schedule for the Workfront API. 

Version Release Deprecation Removal
0.5 2008   July 2017
0.75 2008   July 2017
1 2008   July 2017
2 2009 July 2017 July 2018
Default API 2010 July 2017 July 2018
3 2011 July 2018 July 2019
4 2012 November 2018 November 2019
5 April 2014 April 2019 April 2020
6 November 2015 July 2019 July 2020
7 April 2017 April 2020 April 2021
8 November 2017 November 2020 November 2021

 For more information, see "Specifying an API Version in Your Integrations."

This article last updated on 2017-07-12 19:22:37 UTC