Requesting Approval from an Email Address

How to request document Approval from a Email Address 

  1. Navigate to the Documents area in the Global Navigation Bar, or navigate to the Documents tab within a project, task, or issue.
  2. Select the document for which you want to request approval.
    The Document Details tab provides a visual preview of the document.
  3. The Details tab is the default tab. However, if it is not displayed, click the Details tab located on the left side panel. (This panel can be collapsed as needed.)
  4. Click in the Approvals field.
  5. Begin typing the user's email address who you want to approve your document and click on email:


The approver receives an email notification that they are requested to approve your document:




You can also Comment on the Approval:


For more information about Approvals please see the following help article: Requesting Document Approvals




This article last updated on 2017-07-03 07:45:16 UTC