Understanding User Synchronization between Workfront and Workfront Proof

User information is synchronized from Workfront to Workfront Proof; it is not synchronized from Workfront Proof to Workfront. Because of this, any time you create or modify users, you must make those changes within Workfront. You cannot make changes to users within Workfront Proof.

The following sections provide information about user synchronization from Workfront to Workfront Proof:

Information That Is Synchronized

Workfront synchronizes the following user information to Workfront Proof:

  • Name (the user's first and last name)
  • Email address

When Synchronization Occurs

User information is synchronized from Workfront to Workfront Proof in the following circumstances:

  • A user's information is updated in Workfront
  • A user is created in Workfront

Depending on whether a user with the same email address exists in Workfront Proof, either of the following occurs:


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