Updates Required for Your ProofHQ/Proofing Whitelisting

The way you whitelist ProofHQ is changing

ProofHQ is working on a large infrastructure changes for better performance, reliability, and security. We are changing the approach and instead of whitelist IPs, we recommend whitelist URLs.

Up until now, you could whitelist ProofHQ in your network with these details:

  • for ProofHQ account access
  • - for opening the proofs (once the proofs are processed we load the content to the cloud)

And also:

  • ( - for proofing the authorised web pages or pages behind firewall
  • - email server for ProofHQ email notifications


What changes to whitelisting means to you

    • If you whitelist ProofHQ, for either access, proofing internal web pages or email notifications, you should review your whitelisting configuration.
    • Once we upgrade to new infrastructure, the content whitelisted by IPs may be not accessible in networks with higher security levels.


  • Not upgrading may cause significant work stoppage
  • The IPs should be replaced with the provided URLs by July 15th, 2017
  • If you don't use whitelisting in your network, and you are not using a Custom Domain on your ProofHQ account no action is required

Recommended change

  • * - for ProofHQ account access and proofs loading (instead of IP)
  • - for proofing the authorised web pages or pages behind firewall (instead of IP)
  • - for email notifications whitelisting (instead of IP)

Please let us know if you need help, we can help!

Updating to the whitelist URLs is important. If you’d like more information on how to make the change, please contact us directly at We’re ready to answer your questions and make sure you’re ready for the upgrade.