Printing Proofs in the Proofing Viewer

NOTE The functionality described in this article pertains to the Web Proofing Viewer (for video and static proofs), and the Desktop Proofing Viewer (for interactive proofs, video, and static proofs).

You can print proofs or save them in an .xls format.

  1. In the toolbar on the left of the proofing viewer, click the Print button.
    The print summary displays. This summary includes file details, decisions, resolution, and comments.
  2. Select from the following options at the top of the page to configure what information prints:
    Reason for Rejection. Include the reason the proof was rejected.
    Custom fields
    . Include custom fields.
    View all versions
    . Include all versions of the proof.
    Thumbnail. Include a small rendering of the proof.
    Full Page. Include a full rendering of the proof.
  3. Select how you want comments to be sorted:
    Sort by number. Comments display in the order they were made.
    Sort by page. Comments display in the order they appear on each page.
  4. (Conditional) To print the proof summary, click the Print icon.
  5. (Conditional) To save the proof summary as an .xls file, click the Spreadsheet icon.
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