Printing a Proof Summary in the Proofing Viewer

NOTE The functionality described in this article pertains to the Web Proofing Viewer (for video and static proofs) and the Desktop Proofing Viewer (for interactive, video, and static proofs).

In the Proofing Viewer, you can print a proof summary or save it in XLS or PDF format.

NOTE Workfront disables all email communication from the Preview Sandbox environment. If you want to receive email notifications from the Preview Sandbox environment, you must enable this functionality in your user settings. For more information, see "Managing Emails in the Sandbox Environment" in "Configuring Email Notifications."

  1. If the left toolbar is not visible, click the Menu icon in the upper-left corner of the Proofing Viewer.
  2. In the toolbar on the left of the Proofing Viewer, click the Print icon.
    Steps are identical (or almost identical) from here down in "Printing a Proof within Workfront." Use snippet.
  3. (Optional) At the top of the print summary page that appears, use the Show options to specify which parts of the proof you want to print (these options do not affect output you export as an XLS or PDF file):
    • The Current version or All versions of the proof
    • Only the Pages with comments or All pages
    • Only the Page thumbnails (a small rendering of each page) or Full pages (a full rendering of the proof)
      NOTE In order to see pin numbers on markup in your printed output, you need to select Full pages, not Page thumbnails. 
  4. (Optional) Use the Sort comments by options to specify the order in which you want the proof's comments to print (these options do not affect output you export as an XLS or PDF file):
    • Oldest: From first comment made to last
    • Latest: From last comment made to first
    • Page: By page, from the first page to the last or from the last page to the first
    • Creator: By the names of the users who added them, from A-Z or from Z-A
  5. (Optional) Use any combination of the Filter comments by options to include only certain comments in the output you print or export as an XLS or PDF file:
    • Authors you select (default)
    • Actions you select
    • Unresolved status
  6. (Optional) Under Workflow, click Show diagram if you want the printed output to include a diagram showing the order of any stages on the proof and the decisions made on each stage (this not appear in output you export as an XLS or PDF file).
    In the diagram that appears, the colors represent decisions made on a stage.
    • Green: Approved
    • Blue: Pending a decision
    • Red: Changes required decision
    • Grey: Not started yet
    • Yellow: Approved with changes
  7. To print the proof, click Print.
    To save the proof as an XLS or PDF file, click either the XLS or PDF icons next to the Print button.

For information about using and customizing decisions, see "Making an Approval Decision Within a Proof."

For information about how to print proofs within Workfront, see "Printing a Proof Within Workfront."

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