Perform a Custom Action (Not Yet Implemented)

This endpoint allows a Workfront user (or an automated workflow event) to perform an action in the external system. The /customAction endpoint accepts a “name” parameter, which allows the webhook provider to implement multiple custom operations.

The webhook provider registers custom actions with Workfront by including the actions in the /serviceInfo response under customActions. Workfront loads this list when setting up or refreshing the webhook provider under Setup > Documents > Custom Integrations.

Users can trigger the custom action by selecting the section under “Document Actions”


GET /customAction

Query Parameters

Name  Description


The identifier specifying the type of action to be performed. This value corresponds to one of the customAction values listed returned by the /serviceInfo endpoint.

documentId  The workfront document ID for which the action is being performed.
documentVersionId   The workfront document version ID for which the action is being performed.



A JSON string indicating success or failure, as specified in the Error Handling section below. On failure (i.e. status = “failure”), Workfront will display the provided error message to the user.

Example ddec2fb2b739cb7c&documentVersionId=54b598a700e2342d6971597a5df1a8d3



status: “success”


Audited: 6/27/18

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