Do a search

Returns metadata for the files and folders returned from a search. This can be implemented as a full-text search or as a regular database query. Workfront calls the /search endpoint when the user performs a search from the external file browser.


GET /search

Query Parameters

Name  Description
query The search term or phrase.

(optional) The folder ID from which the search executed. Note: This is a placeholder for a future feature in Workfront. Currently, workfront does not pass this parameter. 

max The maximum number of items to return. Used for pagination.
offset  The page offset, used in conjunction with ‘max’.



JSON containing a list of metadata for files and folders matching the query. What constitutes a “match” is determined by the webhook provider. Ideally, it should do a full-text search. Doing a filename-based search also works.


{ File/Folder Metadata },
{ File/Folder Metadata }

Audited 6/27/2018

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