Calendar Error: "This calendar has the view rights of a deactivated user"


You receive the following error when accessing a calendar shared with you: 

This calendar has the view rights of a deactivated user. Please have an administrator fix the calendar privileges.


The original owner of the calendar is a user who has been deactivated. 


You can resolve this in the following ways:

  • Copy the calendar to update the owner of the calendar. When you copy a calendar, you become the owner of the calendar. The copied calendar should show all the information from the original calendar.
    For more information about copying a calendar, see the "Copying Calendars" section in "Working with Calendars."
  • Contact the system administrator and ask them to remove the permissions on the shared calendar of the deactivated user. 
    To remove the sharing permissions on the calendar:
    1. As a system administrator, re-activate the user briefly.
    2. Navigate to the Calendars tab in the Reporting area, and select the shared calendar.
    3. Click Calendar Actions, then Sharing.
    4. Remove the sharing permissions from the calendar. 
    5. Deactivate the user. 
      Now, this calendar is not visible to any other users in the system. 



This article last updated on 2018-03-07 20:26:47 UTC