Generating an API Key for Non-Admin Users


How Do You Generate An API Key For a Non-Admin User?


1- If using SSO, an administrator must first edit the user's profile and temporarily uncheck the "Only Allow SAML 2.0 Authentication" (or similar) checkbox.

2- To Generate the API Key, enter the following API call from the URL of the browser or using an external app:


  • Ensure the <domain>  is correct and the email address and password that follow the = match the user's Workfront credentials, not SSO credentials.
  • Be sure to run this as a "PUT" and not a "POST".

3- Edit the user's profile and re-check the box from step 1 requiring them to authenticate with SSO


In order to "GET" this information later on if for any reason the user misplaces their API Key and doesn't wish to generate a new one, they can run this GET command: