Maintenance Update on July 26, 2017

The following customer-reported issues were addressed.

These issues are available in the Preview environment prior to being made generally available in the OnDemand environment:

Preview: June 29, 2017

Generally available: July 26 and 27, 2017

Ref # Name Application Area
19009286 "Work Submitted By" value on the user's My Work Page is not showing the proper Project Owner of the project the task(s) are on; Templates are being used to create project. MyWork
18731616 Agile burndown chart scroll bar and chart display problem Agile
18781975 Approver's name is not showing when the approver is Primary Contact Manager. Approvals
18775796 Assignment filter no longer works in the Agile storyboard view Agile
18848205 Calendar Date Picker appears behind iframe Report Results
18819795 Custom Data on Docs isn't Restored Soft Deletes (Recycle Bin)
18818843 Custom Date Fields No Longer have Yearly Filter Options Report Builder
18311111 Database Error while copying a project Project Management
18735187 Emails Getting Stuck In Pop Email Inbox Email Processing
18806544 Error on report while viewing legacy gantt Gantt
18736864 Error when trying to run a report with Timesheet Start Date Filter Report Results
18802702 Exporting to MS Project will always export with MST date/times. MSP Integration
18817536 "Mark All as Seen" Button Overlaps Notifications when Using WF in German Notifications
18850872 Comment Text Wrapping goes behind Assignments box when resolution is less than 1440x900 Update Stream
18918470 Filtered Hour Type is not showing as the default on timesheet for hour type entry. Timesheets
18850875 Gantt Chart View in Dashboard Dashboards
18822282 Grouping by Planned Completion Date in My Work Area MyWork
17786371 Ideally the zoom icons would disable if you cannot zoom in or out more. Just changing the opacity of the icon to 0.5 when disabled should work. Resource Management
17999939 Incorrect formatting of group headers on the ‘Source’ field when downloading Export
18998869 Legacy Mywork calendar has a gap on the UI. MyWork
18774319 Printing Dashboard in IE11 and Chrome Windows 10 results in graphs overlapping in PDF Dashboards
18940283 RS, and WOC filtering based on Project is not working  
18782751 Reporting tab is not there User Management
18203262 Reports Export to PDF Issue - when modified in text mode Report Results
18320452 Review License - Allows Editing Assignments on Issues Access Levels/Security, Issue Detail
18722766 Scheduled Delivered Reports Issue- recipient user not in customer's system Email Processing
18858828 Share Report "val cannot be null" error Report Builder


This article last updated on 2017-07-06 20:32:23 UTC