Who Has Which License Type?

There are times when the amount of users can be a bit much and knowing who has which licenses type can feel a bit difficult to decipher. The good thing is that Workfront has factored that in and has made it easy to find out. Below are the steps to take to see the information you need to determine which user has what license.

When you go to the Global People tab...


Then the People sub tab...



You will see the list of all your users. To the right of the screen, just above the list, you will see the "View" drop down...


From this drop down select the "License" view. This will bring up a view that will contain a couple of really useful columns.



One of these is the Access Level that the user has and the other is the License Type that the access level use for that user.



You can also group by License Type to get a cleaner view of the users and which license type they have assigned.


This article last updated on 2017-11-10 19:51:01 UTC