Oracle Eloqua Workfront Proof Add-In Beta

The Oracle Eloqua Workfront Proof Add-In enables you to generate proofs for emails you create within Eloqua. You can create new proofs, new versions of existing proofs, and view the status of proofs you submit, without leaving the Eloqua interface. Workfront Proof users can then review the proof within Workfront Proof.

Signing Up for the Beta

The process for signing up for the Oracle Eloqua Workfront Proof Add-In Beta is as follows:

  1. Submit an application, here.
    You are required to enter your name, email, and the name of your Eloqua instance.
  2. You are contacted by the Oracle Eloqua Workfront Proof Add-In team, who then whitelist your Eloqua instance and provide you with a link where you can install the integration.

Testing the Integration

For information about how to configure and begin testing the integrations, see "Generating Proofs of Email Assets in Eloqua."

Submitting Your Feedback

You can submit feedback on the Oracle Eloqua Workfront Proof Add-In Beta in either of the following ways:

Submitting Feedback within the Integration

  1. In Eloqua, click Assets, then click Emails.
  2. Select an email to proof.
  3. Click the Cloud icon, located on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Click the Workfront Proof integration.[! What is it called?]
  5. If a proof has not previously been created for this email, click Generate New Proof to create a new proof.
    The New Proof page is displayed.
    If a proof has already been created for this email, click Add Version to create a new version of the existing proof.
    The New Version page is displayed.
  6. Click Submit Feedback.

Submitting Feedback in a Survey

You can use this survey to submit feedback around the Workfront Proof Eloqua Add-In.


The Oracle Eloqua Workfront Proof Add-In does not currently support emails created within Eloqua with dynamic content.

Known Issues


[! Any known issues?]