2017 Release Changes

Beginning in 2017, Workfront is changing the frequency with which functionality is released to both the Preview and Production environments.

Why the Release Process Is Changing

The changes to the release process will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Give you more opportunity to test functionality in Preview before it is made available in Production.
  • Facilitate a more stable Production environment.

These changes include:

  • A more frequent release to Preview.
    Releases to Preview occur every 2 weeks, until the last month leading up to the final release.
    For more information about the Preview environment, see "Preview Sandbox Testing Environment."
  • A less frequent release to Production.
    Releases to Production will occur 3 times a year.

How it Worked Previously

Previously, new functionality was released to the Production environment every month. In most cases, functionality was available in the Preview environment for one week before being released to Production. In addition, many features were available in Early Access in the Production environment prior to being made generally available.

How it Works Now

Beginning in 2017, we're making new functionality available to you in the Preview environment every 2 weeks, and releasing to Production 3 times a year. The last month prior to release to production is a "lock-down" month of all functionality in Preview; no new functionality will be added to Preview during this time. 

Consider the following example:

Release Name Release Timeframe
R1 Preview 1 2 Weeks
R1 Preview 2 2 Weeks
R1 Preview 3 2 Weeks
R1 Preview 4 2 Weeks
R1 Preview Final 1 Month
R1 Release to Production  

This means that in most cases you will have between 1 and 4 months to test new features in Preview before they are released to Production. 

No new functionality will be made available in Early Access.

Resources to Learn about New Functionality

The following resources are made available to help you understand and successfully use new functionality that is released to the Preview environment:

  • Documentation: New or updated articles explaining details about how the new or updated functionality works.
  • Video: A brief video demonstrating the functionality. (Provided for most new features.)
  • Webinars: Monthly webinar explaining all new functionality that has been released to Preview in the past month. A more comprehensive webinar or set of webinars will be presented just prior to the release to Production.

For details about functionality releasing in R1, including links to documentation, videos, and webinars see "R1 Release Activity Overview."

2017 Release FAQ

For additional information regarding changing made in the release process in 2017, see the "2017 Release Changes FAQ."

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