Navigating the Legacy Proofing Viewer

Using Zoom

You can zoom by clicking on the proof image and also by clicking and dragging to highlight a certain area of the proof to zoom in to. If you choose the latter method, the smaller the area highlighted the more it will zoom in.

When you open a proof:

  • The proof will open at 100% if this fits in the proof viewer
  • Otherwise the proof will zoom until it fits the proof viewer but no further than 50%

When viewing comments:

  • The image will not zoom in automatically
  • If the markup fits in the current zoom level, it won't zoom out
  • If the markup fits in the current zoom level but is not in view, the proof image will pan to show the markup

Using the Sidebar

In the sidebar inside you'll find many useful options and settings, including the proof details, grouped into a few sections:

  • Dashboard (1) - takes you directly to the Dashboard on your account (visible for Workfront Proof
    users only)
  • Folder browser (2) (visible when your proof is placed inside a folder)
  • Create new items (3) 
  • Workflow (4)
  • Details (5)
  • Share (6)
  • Email notifications (7)
  • More (8)
  • Settings (9)
  • Help (10)

NOTE Some buttons in the sidebar will be only visible to Workfront Proof users, as per their permissions on the proof. Please see below for additional information on each panel.


This icon is visible to Workfront Proof users only - clicking on the house icon will take you to your Workfront Proof Dashboard

Folder_icon__1_.pngThe Folder browser

The folder icon is visible to all reviewers one the proof, but only if the proof is placed in a folder. Clicking on it will expand a panel with a list of all proofs and files that have been shared with the reviewer, from the same folder.

NOTE If you don't have permissions to access the latest version of a particular proof from this folder, you won't see this proof listed in this view even though one of the previous versions has been shared with you.
The Folder panel contains:

  • The name of the folder (1)
  • Two available Folder views:
    • Thumbnails with details (2)
    • Thumbnails only (3)
  • Proof progress bar (4)
  • The decision made on the proof (5)
  • The comments counter (6)
  • The proof Owner (7)
  • The file download button (8)

To open one of the proofs, simply click on it. To close the panel, please click the Close button (9) or the folder icon in the sidebar.

This article last updated on 2018-01-31 16:46:54 UTC