2017.3 Release Activity Overview

This page provides information about the functionality included in the 2017.3 release. 

The functionality described on this page is currently available in the Preview environment, and will be available in the Production environment in November.  

IMPORTANT Functionality in the Preview environment is subject to change prior to releasing in the Production environment.

Watch the following video to review the highlights of the 2017.3 release:

The 2017.3 release contains enhancements both for system administrators and other users.

Enhancements for Administrators

The following sections describe enhancements that are available for system administrators in the Workfront 2017.3 release:

Enhancements for All Users

The following sections describe enhancements that are available for end-users in the Workfront 2017.3 release:

Resource Planning Enhancements

Resource Scheduling Enhancements

Reporting Enhancements

Agile Enhancements

My Work Enhancements

Utilization Report Enhancements

Subscription Enhancements

Project Enhancements

Proofing Enhancements

Proofing Enhancements within Workfront

Proofing Enhancements within Both Workfront Proof and Workfront

Other Enhancements

API Enhancements

Mobile Enhancements

NOTE The functionality described in this section is now available to use with your Workfront Production account; this is not Preview functionality.

The following functionality was added to the production version of the Workfront mobile app for both Android and iOS in August, 2017:

  • Submit Requests

  • Timesheet New Entry

  • Custom Form Editing

  • Proof Approval Requests

  • Push Notifications for Subscribed Items

For more detailed information about these changes, see "Updated Mobile App for iOS and Android (Early August, 2017)."

The following additional functionality will be made available prior to the Production release on the week of November 8th:

  • Access a list of your projects

  • Access a list of tasks and subtasks on a project

  • Access a list of issues on a project

  • Log a new issue on a project

Release Webinars

 To view webinar recordings for the 2017.3 release, see "2017.3 Release Webinars."

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