SSO in Sandbox 1 enabling SAML 2.0

Issue Symptoms

Enabling SAML in the Sandbox 1 environment. When clicking the Test Connection button, Errors indicating SAML is not configured properly. Each SAML system will report the error differently but, will be similar to:

Error: SAML 2 SSO Profile is not configured. Either you haven't uploaded your metadata yet or your SP's entityID has not yet been properly configured.


Specifically when working with the Sandbox 1 environment when configuring Workfront to use SSO / SAML 2 you will need to do the following:

  1. Setup > System > Single Sign-On
  2. from the Type drop down select SAML 2
  3. Edit the Service Provider ID = check this box and change the URL to
  4. Save
  5. Click "Download SAML 2.0 Metadata" link. This will download the correct Workfront Metadata with the correct Service Provider ID.
  6. Provide this Workfront metatdata to SAML.

Continue with the SSO configuration. See this document for more information.