How to Access Workfront Ascent

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How to Access Workfront Ascent

Workfront Ascent is recommended for all users with a Plan license: project managers, administrators and resource managers.*


Note: If you have a Workfront Ascent account, but have forgotten your password, see this article on resetting your password.


To log in to Workfront Ascent or create an account for the first time, go to and enter your login information.


What login information should my organization use?

There are two options.

A. Your Workfront Instance Credentials

You can create an account for Workfront Ascent on your own if your organization does not use Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication (LDAP SSO is the exception).

  1. URL:
  2. Username: same as Workfront account [A]
  3. Password: same as Workfront account [B]
  4. Subdomain: text string prior to in the URL on your WF login page [C]


B. New Support Accounts Credentials

If your organization uses SSO (excluding LDAP SSO), you will need to follow the directions below to create a new login account.

Creating accounts with Customer Support

To create accounts for a small number of users, send a request to Customer Support. Include the names and email addresses you would like to create accounts for, along with your company name.

For large groups of users, you may want to bulk enroll. Read the article “How to Bulk Edit or Enroll Users in Workfront Ascent” to find instructions and a CSV template to guide you through this process.

After the accounts have been created, Customer Support will contact you with your login information.

Logging In

    1. URL:
    2. Username: work email address
    3. Password: provided for you from Customer Support
    4. Subdomain: none

Previously Created Support Accounts

If you have already created a Workfront help account with Customer Support, you can continue using those credentials.


*NOTE:  Training for team members, collaborators, executives and Workfront Proof users will be able to access training directly from


Still have questions?

Contact a Customer Support representative by calling 1-844-306-HELP(4357) or submitting a ticket online. 

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