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Managers in Workfront Ascent

Workfront Ascent allows users to act in a “manager” role. This means that you are able to grant access to certain users so they can view training progress and assign courses or deadlines to others. That way, managers can become more involved and gain direct insight into how your users are learning.

How to Set Up Managers in Workfront Ascent

First, fill out a CSV template and submit it to Workfront Customer Support as a support ticket. Complete instructions and the CSV template can be found here. You can also download the CSV template attached at the bottom of this article.

Manager roles are automatically created when you enter a Workfront Ascent user’s work email in another user’s 'Manager ID' [1] column. For extra permissions, such as the ability to assign courses, the managing user needs their 'Role in Ascent' [2] to be set as 'Manager'.


Each user can only have one person listed as a direct manager. However, you can establish a hierarchy in which the training progress of employees can be viewed by the manager of a manager.


In the example below, we’ve added two new learners, Tina and Tim. They report directly to John. We indicate this by listing John’s email address under the ‘Manager ID’ [1]. John is now a manager, so we’ve input his ‘Role in Ascent’ to ‘Manager’ [2]. Jane is John’s manager, and by setting her as John’s manager in the system, Jane can also manage Tina and Tim by virtue of the manager hierarchy.


Note: Leave the ‘Manager ID’ blank for your top manager.


Editing or Adding Users you Manage

If you need to add users or edit your manager hierarchy, you will need to submit another CSV with the additions or edits to Workfront Customer Support.

Manager Role

The Manager role allows you to become more informed. Direct access to data and reports shows how your employees are learning.

Below is a summary of what you can do as a manager.


1. View and Download Reports of your Team's Training Progress



2. View Detailed Reports of your Learner's Usage


By clicking on “Deep Dive” you can access detailed reports from the insights page.

3. Manage Course Enrollments



Enroll Users in a Course

  1. Navigate to the application switcher and select "Author."
  2. Go to the Course area and select the course you would like to enroll a learner in.
  3. Select "Learner" from the menu.
  4. Click the "+ Learners" button.
  5. Enter the name of the learner you want to enroll.

Unenroll Users from a Course

Click the "X" to the right of the learner name.

Modify Due Dates

You can also set the due date for a course by clicking on the due date field and editing it.


Manager Role FAQ

  • How can a manager use Workfront Ascent? As the manager of a learner, you can view the progress of that learner and leverage tools to help your employees.
  • Does the manager have to have an account in Workfront Ascent? Yes, managers need a Workfront Ascent account. They must also be identified as a manager of another user in the CSV upload.
  • Can I set up more than one manager in Workfront Ascent? Yes.
  • Can more than one manager view the progress of a single learner? Yes. While each learner can only have one direct manager in Workfront Ascent, you can establish a hierarchy in which the training progress of employees can be viewed by the manager of a manager.
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