Managers in Workfront Ascent

Workfront Ascent allows users to be managers of others. This means that you can grant access to certain users so they can view the progress, and assign courses/deadlines to others. This allows you to become more involved and to have direct access to data and reports for how your users are learning.

How to set up managers in Workfront Ascent

Manager roles are automatically created via CSV import when you assign a Bridge user to a manager. Follow the instructions here to fill out and submit the CSV template.

Note: If you need to add users or edit users to your manager hierarchy, you will have to submit another CSV to customer care.

Manager Role

The manager role allows you to become more informed by giving you direct access to data and reports showing how your employees are learning.


Manager Role FAQ

  • How can a manager use Workfront Ascent? As the manager of a learner, you can view the progress of that learner and leverage tools that can help you help your employees. 
  • Does the manager have to have an account in Workfront Ascent? Yes, you need to have a Workfront Ascent account, and your account must identify the learners that you manage. 
  • Can I set up more than one manager in Workfront Ascent? Yes.
  • Can more than one manager view the progress of a single learner? Yes, while each learner can only have one direct manager in Workfront Ascent, you can establish a hierarchy in which the training progress of employees can be viewed by the manager of a manager.