Workfront Training Course Catalogue





Adding Users

to Workfront

Enter the members of your organization into Workfront. Learn how to set them up for success from the beginning.


Advanced Reporting

Part 1

Develop an understanding of text mode to create reporting filters.


Advanced Reporting

Part 2

Continue learning about text mode by developing views in reports.


Advanced Reporting

Part 3

Organize information in reports using text mode groupings.



Learn the foundational concepts of an agile workflow and about Workfront's agile functionality.

Approval Processes

Streamline your workflow by applying and creating approval processes to projects, tasks and issues.


Calendars in Workfront

Track projects, tasks, and issues using custom calendars.


Collaborator Fundamentals

Reviewers and requestors are critical to approving and generating work. Learn how to navigate Workfront, review work, submit, and track requests.


Custom Forms

Capture your organization's unique information by creating fields not available by default in your system. You'll learn to create, share and attach custom forms within Workfront.


DAM Brand Connect

Find and download approved assets in Workfront DAM.


DAM Brand Connect Customization

Customize the appearance, create Brand Guidelines, and build custom pages in Workfront DAM.


DAM Contributor

Upload, download, manage, and share assets in Workfront DAM.


Dam Metadata & Keywords

Develop a metadata and keyword strategy. Setup keywords and metadata fields in Workfront DAM.


DAM System Setup

Set system preferences. Establish user groups and asset organization and permissions in Workfront DAM.


Defining Workflows with Statuses

Customize existing statuses to match your organization’s


Driving User Adoption

Learn strategies to break through roadblocks that are preventing your users from fully embracing Workfront by improving the user experience and the culture surrounding it.

Executive Fundamentals

Learn how to navigate in Workfront for improved visibility and communication in your organization.


Getting Started

Welcome! Learn how Workfront helps your team do great work faster and how Workfront Training can help.


Getting Started for Administrators

Administrators have one of the most important roles, setting up the system. Join this class to discover how to be successful as you begin on this important path.


How to Train Your Users

Have you tried to train your team on Workfront but find you're just not hitting the mark? In this session, you'll learn some of the best practices to follow when introducing new team members to the system. You'll also learn some tips that will help you hold recurring training for existing users.

Improve the User Experience with Dashboards & Layout Templates

Streamline what user’s see from the moment they enter Workfront enabling them to access and accomplish their work faster.


Legacy Resource Management

Manage resources using resource pools, the capacity planner, and the business case.


Logging Time & Timesheets

Learn how to fill out a timesheet and log hours in Workfront.


Manage Proofs with Workfront Proof

Create and route proofs, manage work through the dashboard, and create proof versions.

Manage Reviews & Approvals with Workfront

Upload and manage the review cycle of documents using Workfront proofing.

Managing Issues

Issue management is the process of how you handle unplanned work in your organization. Learn how to enter, track, and report on issues.



Learn how milestones can help you compare key tasks across projects.


Notifications & Subscriptions

Activate the correct notifications to keep users up-to-date with their work items. Empower your users to control how they receive notifications.

Portfolio Management

Create portfolios and programs, use business cases, and develop scorecards.

Project Finances

Learn how to track financial information for projects, set cost and revenue types, override billing rates and more.


Project Manager Fundamentals

Learn how to plan projects with tasks, timelines, make basic assignments, and how to share these assignments with others involved with the project. You'll learn how to collaborate on project assignments through updates and document sharing.

Project Templates

Learn how to capture repeatable processes and save time by creating and sharing templates in Workfront.


Project Timelines

Get a better understanding of how to create project timelines by learning about task constraints, date types and progress statuses.

Queue Management

Learn how to manage demands, whether they're requests or issues, by creating Workfront Queues.

Report Creation

Learn the basics of creating custom reports to gain visibility to the work you manage. NOTE: The live training is broken into two parts.

Resource Planning

This course introduces the new Resource Planning tools from the 2017.2 software release. You will be guided through the use and setup of resource pools and the resource planner in preparation for future software releases.


Resource Scheduling

Learn to designate project resource managers and how to assign work using the resource scheduling tool.

Review & Approval Administration Part 1

Establish global system settings and custom proof decisions.

Review & Approval Administration Part 2

Creating custom views and automated workflow templates.

Reviewing Proofs

Learn to use ProofHQ Proof Viewer, how to access proofs, make comments and markups.

Setting up Finances

One of the biggest concerns for Workfront customers is finance. What is the budget and are we within it? Learn how to set up the finance aspects in Workfront so you are prepared to track expenses and answer those important budget questions.


Setting up Issues

Manage issues more successfully by customizing issue types and issue statuses to match your organization’s workflows.


Administrator Fundamentals

Learn to set up your users and work processes in Workfront to drive user adoption of your software.


Team Member Fundamentals

Learn how to navigate in Workfront to find your work, how to update your team, and mark your work as completed.

Timesheet Creation

Learn how timesheets are created, configured and used in Workfront.


Understanding Groups, Teams, & Job Roles

Organize your users into groups, teams, and job roles. Your organization of users will impact permissions, assignments, and resource allocation making it a crucial part of system setup.


Understanding Licenses

& Access Levels

Everything a user can see and do in Workfront is determined by licenses and access levels. Learn how to define the correct permissions.


Workfront Mobile App

Connect to Workfront on the go through the Workfront app. Log time, submit requests, update your work all from your phone or tablet.


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