Searching in the Workfront Mobile App


The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the beta version of the Workfront Mobile app.

For more information about accessing the beta versions of our mobile app, see "Accessing Beta Environments for the Workfront Mobile App."

Searching the Workfront Mobile App Using iOS Spotlight Search

You can use Spotlight search on iOS devices to search content within the Workfront app.

  1. Log in to the Workfront mobile app. You must be logged in to the mobile app in order to use Spotlight. For information on logging in, see "Logging in to the Workfront App."
    Spotlight does not search the Workfront app when you are not logged in to the app.
  2. Swipe the screen down to open Spotlight Search box.
  3. Start typing a search term in the Spotlight Search box, then select the term when it displays.
    Spotlight returns search results from your Workfront projects, tasks, or issues in the following circumstances:
    • Projects, tasks, and issues in your Working On area
    • Projects, tasks, and issues assigned to you or one of your teams

Searching in the Workfront Mobile App

Searching within the Workfront mobile app is similar when using iOS and Android devices.

Searching in the Workfront mobile app is different in the publicly available and in the beta versions of the app. 

Searching in the Generally Available Mobile App

You can search Workfront using the mobile app for items that you have access to view. 

You can perform a general search in the mobile app, for multiple objects at the same time, or you can specifically search within one object type at a time. 

To search for an object by name:

  1. Access a list of objects in the Workfront mobile app. 
    The Recent Items are shown first in the list.
    This is the same Recent Items list you see in the web application. 
  2. Tap the Search icon at the top right of the screen.mobile_search_bar.PNG
  3. Select All in drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the screen to do a general search and search for all objects
    You can select a specific object from the drop-down menu and start typing the name of the object.
    You can select from the following types of objects:
    • Projects
    • Tasks
    • Issues
    • People
    • Documents
  4. Start typing the name of the object in the field provided. You can only search by the name of an object, and not any other object field.
    For example, if you are typing a keyword found in the Description or Custom Form of the object, the item you are looking for is not returned in the results. 
    If you are performing a general search, the objects whose name matches your keyword start appearing in the list. They are grouped by object type.
    Results display with the search term highlighted in orange.
  5. The Search feature searches the Recent Items list and all the objects downloaded on your device first.
    Tap the object when it appears on the list to access it. 
  6. (Conditional) If nothing is found, tap Search on the keyboard, after you have entered your keyword.
    This time, the app looks for the text you typed to match the name of any object you have access to in Workfront. This might take a longer time. If this search times out, try using more specific keywords.  

Searching in the Beta Version of the Mobile App

You must be a beta participant in order to view the beta version of the Workfront mobile app.
For more information about accessing the beta versions of our mobile app, see "Accessing Beta Environments for the Workfront Mobile App."

To search using the beta version of the Workfront mobile app:

  1. From any page in the mobile app, locate the Search icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select the type of object you want to search for. You an choose from the following objects:
    • Projects
    • Tasks
    • Issues
    • Documents
    • People
  3. Tap Search at the top of the screen, then type the name of an object you want to search for. You can only search for the name of objects. Other fields are not searchable. 
    If you selected a specific object type, a list of the most recently accessed objects is displayed, up to 20 items. 
  4. (Conditional) If the object you are looking for is not listed, tap Search on the keyboard to search for items within Workfront. 
    The results display with your search words highlighted in yellow. 



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