Proof Comments Displayed in Workfront Updates Stream


Are Proof Comments Displayed in the Updates Stream of the Proofed Document in Workfront?


Workfront Proof (Workfront Proof) and Workfront Accounts are not synchronised per current system design. Thus the comments made on a Proof are not displayed in the Updates Stream of the proofed document within Workfront therefore they are neither counted in the comments' thumbnail located in the document light box shown in the documents' listings.

A Document's Updates Stream:

Comment Thumbnail:

However, the proof comments can still be seen in the Proof Viewer via the Proof integration with Workfront.


Only the comments made by a Guest user on a proof are displayed in Workfront Updates Stream if the following conditions are met:

  1. the Guest user also has a user account in Workfront;

  2. the proofed document is shared with that Workfront user account.