The New Workfront Training Experience Details

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The New Workfront Training Experience Details

Welcome to Workfront’s new training experience! Starting September 18, 2017, as a Workfront customer, you will have access to the Workfront Training Center, our new training website, and to Workfront Ascent, our new learning management system.

Designed with role-based modules in mind, the Workfront Training Center contains content specific to team members, executives, collaborators, project managers, and administrators.

Read through these details to prepare your organization for this new experience. If you have any further questions, please contact





Practice makes perfect, and it’s no different with Workfront. Our training is here to help you succeed based on the job you do.

So, if you’re a team member and happen to be up in the middle of the night for a quick snack, why not check out the Workfront Training Center? We have an arsenal of videos, articles, and print-ready resources to help you use Workfront like a pro.

Or, perhaps you're a resource manager trying to get your team scheduled for the rest of the week and wanting some extra insight. You can find valuable sources on Workfront Ascent to help you accomplish your work.

Don't have time to finish your lesson? No worries, you can pick up right where you left off in any of our trainings.

If you need a more prescriptive, hands-on training experience to take you and your team to the next level, we’ve got you covered with live webinars, custom trainings, and immersive boot camps.

Whatever your job, getting it done better and faster begins with Workfront training. 

By the numbers

Our all-new learning experience provides you with the following resources:

  • 6 Job Role-specific trainings available
    • Team members
    • Executives
    • Collaborators
    • Project managers
    • Resource managers
    • Administrators
  • 9 Programs 
    • Project Manager Program
    • Project Manager with Review & Approval Permissions Program
    • Resource Manager Program
    • Administrator Program
    • Administrator with Review and Approval Permissions Program
    • Leaders and Executives Program
    • Team Members Program
    • Collaborators Program
    • Workfront Proof Program
  • 50+ Courses
  • 150+ Videos
  • 70+ Print-ready resources
  • 2 platforms available to optimize the learning experience
    • Workfront Training Online
    • Workfront Ascent


  • Role-based learning experiences
  • OnDemand content
  • Live, instructor-led training sessions
  • Guided training programs
  • Print-ready guides
  • Mobile-friendly experience
  • Recommended articles
  • Boot camps
  • Custom training


There are two new platforms to access Workfront Training.

  • Workfront Training Center ( Access the essentials for team members, collaborators, executives & leaders, and Workfront Proof directly from this new website.
  • Workfront Ascent- Gain access to all of our training for those with plan licenses (project managers, administrators and resource managers).

Learn more below!

Workfront Ascent: The new way to learn Workfront

  • Guided training programs: Chart your course through Workfront skills
  • Track your progress: pick up training where you left off
  • Get Credentials: Be recognized by your peers as a Workfront expert
  • Over 150 videos: learn exactly what you want at your own pace
  • Live, expert-led training: spend time with your peers and our experts
  • Print-ready resources: Need a quick refresher? Print one of our quick guides

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Workfront Training Center

Executives, team members, collaborators, and Workfront Proof customers can get quick access to video and live training from the Workfront Help Center.

  • Complete training in 10 to 60 minutes
  • Live or Video
  • Learn key takeaways
  • Get credit for training by completing a two minute quiz

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New Workfront Training Experience FAQ

Download PDF: FAQ: Workfront's New Training Experience

Workfront Ascent: FAQ

  • What is Workfront Ascent? Workfront Ascent is the new learning platform for Workfront customers with Plan licenses. In Workfront Ascent you receive training recommendations based on the information you provide and have access to all new video-based training, live classes, quizzes, quick guides, and more. All content will be available starting September 18, 2017. 
  • How can I access Workfront Ascent? You can access Workfront Ascent from the Workfront Training Center (the URL will be announced September 18th). Simply sign in using the same credentials that you use for If you don’t have your login credentials, please contact Customer Support
    For more information, see How to Enroll Users in Workfront Ascent.
  • Who should use Workfront Ascent? Workfront customers with Plan licenses (Project Managers, System Administrators, Resource Managers, etc.). 
    All other license types (Work, Review, Request) should use resources available at the Workfront Training Centera.
  • How do I know if my Workfront credentials will give me access to Workfront Ascent? Try logging into If you are able to log in, then your account will allow you to create a Workfront Ascent account. If not, check out the article titled “New Training Experience” at for more information.
  • Can users access content without logging into the support website? Yes and no. We have made the new training page public. This means that all content for team members, executives, and collaborators will be available without logging in. For those with a Plan license, you need to login to Workfront Ascent, our new learning platform.

Curriculum Changes: FAQ

  • What new curriculum are you offering? We have redesigned our entire curriculum in a new OnDemand format and have created a number of brand new courses for all roles, including content for executives and collaborators. 
  • How long are the new training videos? The average video length is six minutes. These videos are designed for efficiency and expediency, without sacrificing deep learning opportunities
  • How many courses are in Workfront Ascent? There are over 50 courses available, with many more on the way.
  • I see you’ve significantly cut down the training time for live courses. Is there any change in the content? The content has changed slightly. The bulk of the time savings came from refining the course content, removing breaks, and eliminating practice exercises that used to be part of the live classes.
  • Are you still offering test environments for training courses? Yes, we will continue to offer a test environment for use throughout your training. Just email us at and we will provide you with instructions.  Although we have removed the exercises from the webinar training classes, each session is designed to engage learners with the trainer and the content. We are creating new workshops that will further leverage the use of test environment accounts and exercises.  

Live Training: FAQ

  • Where can I access live training? All live training, or webinars, will be available from Workfront Ascent with the exception of Team Member Fundamentals, Reviewing Proofs, and Manage Proofs with Workfront Proof.
  • Is there a limit on how many participants can join a single live session? No, live webinars will no longer have a maximum amount of participants, and registration will be available any time before the session starts. 
  • Are the new OnDemand courses replacing the live training classes? No, live classes will still be available through Workfront Ascent. In addition to the live courses, our video and text-based courses have been designed to allow you to go at your own pace. Need to go a bit deeper into the content? Sign up for a live webinar, which includes the opportunity to ask questions of a Workfront expert.
  • What platform are you using for webinars? We are using Zoom for live training. Click here for information about Zoom system requirements.
  • Do I have to download Zoom to access live training? No, but we highly recommend you do for a better user experience. If you cannot download the application, you can view the presenter’s screen and access audio through a phone.
  • How are the new webinars going to differ from the live classes that have been offered in the past? Most live webinars will be 1-2 hours in length and will be demo-based in format. The presenter will explain and demo Workfront features, as they relate to the topic of the webinar. There will be Q&A for each session. A Workfront test environment and hands-on activities will not be included, as they have in the past. However, you can get a test environment by emailing
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