How to Bulk Enroll or Edit Your Users in Workfront Ascent

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How to Bulk Enroll or Edit Your Users in Workfront Ascent

Accessing Workfront Ascent

Workfront Ascent is available for all users with a Plan license.  

NOTE: If you have a Workfront Work or Collaborator license, you can find training resources at

You can create an account for Workfront Ascent on your own if your organization meets one of these two requirements:

  1. Your organization does not use Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication (LDAP SSO is the exception).

  2. You have already created a Workfront help account with Customer Support.

If neither of these requirements has been met, then you can send a request to Customer Support to create new accounts for your users. 

When to Submit a CSV

If you would like to pre-load information about your users in order to automatically assign the recommended training path or would like to establish a manager hierarchy to track the progress of your user's training, you may consider a CSV upload.

How to Bulk Add Users to Workfront Ascent

Follow these guidelines to bulk add users into Workfront Ascent:

  1. Download and open the template titled workfront_ascent_user_template.xls.
  2. Enter your organization's information.

    The following organization fields display on the template:

    • Main Contact at the Organization for Workfront Ascent: This is the person responsible for Workfront training for users at your organization. The main contact can view the progress of all users in the organization and is alerted to updates in the Workfront training system.
    • Email Address: Email address of the main contact listed above
    • Authentication Method: If your company use SSO to log in to Workfront, enter the SSO type you use in the Authentication Method field. Example: SSO- SAML 2.0, LDAP
    • Do any of these users have accounts to access Workfront Help or Community?: If any of your users have created accounts to access our previous training program, they will be able to use their existing account to access Workfront Ascent. Contact Workfront Customer Support for more information.
  3. Fill out the user fields for all learners you want to create accounts for.

The following fields display on the user template:


  • First Name: First name of the user
  • Last Name: Last name of the user
  • Name: First and last name of the user
  • Unique ID: User's work email addressuser_template_4.jpg
  • Role in Ascent: Indicate whether the user is a manager or learner. The role of the user determines view access in Workfront Ascent.
    • Manager: Can view the progress of other specified users.
    • Learner: Can only view their own progress of training.
  • Manager ID: Email address of the user’s Workfront Ascent manager. This is not necessarily the user's direct manager, but instead the person assigned to view this user's training progress.
    For more information, read Managers in Workfront Ascent.
  • Company Name: Name of user's company.


  • Do you use Review & Approval?: If this learner requires training on Review & Approval" (formerly ProofHQ) type "Yes".
  • Job Role in Workfront: User's job role in Workfront, for example, “Administrator” or “Project Manager”.
  • NOTE: If you have a Workfront Work or Collaborator license, you can find training resources at
  • Date to add Users to Ascent: Date you would like users to be added to Workfront Ascent.
  • Do you want us to assign recommended classes?: Choose 'Yes' to allow Workfront Ascent to automatically assign content, based on the information provided, to the user. Choose 'No' to allow the user to enroll for content on their own from the Learning Library. 
  1. Save the file as a CSV.
  2. Send the CSV to Customer Support.
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