Unlinking Issues from Their Resolvable Objects

When you create a project or a task by converting an issue to the project or task, you have the option to keep the original issue. Your system administrator must enable this preference for you to have this option during the conversion of the issue. 
For more information about converting issues to projects and tasks, see "Converting Issues."

When you decide to keep the issue which was converted to the project or the task, the resolution of the issue is tied to the project or the task. The issue becomes the Resolvable Object of the project or the task. The project or task are the Resolving Objects of the issue.
The issue status cannot be changed, as it changes automatically with the status of the Resolving Object. 

You can also manually link an issue to another issue. The second issue becomes the Resolving Object for the first issue, in this case.
For more information about Resolving Objects, see "Understanding Resolving and Resolvable Objects."

You can unlink the resolution of an issue from that of a project, task, or issue by removing the project, task, or issue from the issue. 

To unlink a resolving issue from a project, task, or issue:

  1. Navigate to the issue that is linked to a project, task, or issue.
  2. Select the Issue Details tab, then the Overview sub-tab.
  3. Click Edit Overview.
  4. In the Resolved By field, remove the resolvable object.
    An issue can be resolved by a project, task or issue. 
  5. Click Save.
    The issue is no longer linked to a project, task, or issue, and you can now resolve the issue independently. 


This article last updated on 2018-03-06 19:01:26 UTC