New Workfront Training Experience

Legacy Training

There were 3 ways you could register for Workfront Training to learn the product. You could Register for a Live Training, you could play the Pre-Recorded session and you could start learning OnDemand. The learning platform was accessible through ‘Training’ button as the first subcategory followed by 'Consulting' and 'Trust'. 


New Training Experience

Starting from September 18th, the Workfront All-New Training Experience has come to replace the old one. Along with this transition, there are only 2 options for WF training - Live Trainings and On-Demand Courses.

Going Forward, the majority of the training courses can be found in Training Resource Library: this doesn't require you to log into the system to view, it's free for everyone. It can be accessed through 'TRAINING' section on the top navigation bar, right next to 'Idea Exchange' portal. From here, for accessing free training resource library you can navigate to Training Support --> Resource Library. From this subcategory drop-down menu you can also read useful Support Articles, access Workfront Ascent, Open a new Ticket as an authorized support contact and view Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQs.



For Workfront users with Plan licenses, we have Workfront Ascent: Role-Based Training Programs that require Registration to our new portal: Workfront Ascent. This has been designed for: 

  • Administrators
  • Project and Resource Managers

This same subcategory - Role-Based Training drop-down menu has also been designed for:

  • Team Members
  • Collaborators
  • Leaders and Executives
  • Workfront Proof 

Customers who can get quick access to On-Demand and Live training right from the Workfront Training Center.

In the Training section next to 'Role-Based Training', you can find 'Boot Camp' which is an intensive course designed to provide new system administrators a strong foundation in WF within just 1 week.

The last and the most flexible section in the Training area to mention is 'Custom Training'. If you want to have prescriptive, hands-on training experience, team up with our training experts to take you and your users to the next level, custom training is the right choice to empower your team with knowledge, skills, and resources they need to get the most value from our Platform.