Using Names in Kick-Starts Instead of IDs


Kick-Starts give us the ability to import large amounts of data into Workfront. The below steps will outline how to use object Names instead of Object IDs, specifically denoting Group Names instead of Group IDs. If you want to use the Group Name instead of the Group ID you'd change the column header from setGroupID to #setGroupID GROUP name

You have to use the corresponding object code as found on the API explorer for the field you are trying to change. e.g. If you wanted to use Company Name you would change setCompanyID to #setCompanyID CMPY name or if you wanted to use the Customer Name you would change setCustomerID to  #setCustomerID CUST name. If you wanted to denote a custom form by name you would change setCategoryID to #setCategoryID CTGY name



  1. setGroupID is the default column header that only takes Group IDs1-1.png
  2. Change the column header to #setGroupID GROUP name2-2.png
  3. Then you can denote the Group by the Name instead of the ID