Using Object Names in Kick-Starts Instead of Object IDs

Kick-Starts allow users to import large amounts of data into Workfront. The steps below outline how to use object names instead of object IDs, using the Group object as an example. 

For more information on kick-starts, see the "Using Kick-Starts" section on the help page.

    1. Navigate to the Setup area in your Global Navigation Bar.Short_setup_with_avatar_-_Jackie_Simms_copy.png
    2. Expand System and then Kick-Starts.
    3. Click Import Data.
    4. Select the object you want to include in your kick-start from the objects listed in the What to include area, then click Download. 
For example, select User, then click Download.
    5. Open the file and locate the object ID column. In this example, it is setGroupIDKick_Start_Screen_1.png
    6. Update the column header to reflect the object name. In this example, it is #setGroupID GROUP name. The column name changes depending on the object. For example, if you want to use Company Name, use #setCompanyID CMPY name. If you want to use Customer Name, use #setCustomerID CUST name, etc.

NOTE In the examples above, CMPY and CUST are the database names for Company and Customer. For more information about what the name of the objects are in the database, see "API Explorer."




This article last updated on 2018-01-04 19:10:52 UTC