Keyboard Shortcuts in the Proofing Viewer

The information described in this section is available only with the new proofing viewer and only when reviewing video and static proofs. [Remove statement after Legacy Proofing Viewer is removed.]

Keyboard Shortcut  Action on Video Proofs Action on Static Proofs
k (upper-case or lower-case)
Play or pause video  
Right arrow Next frame Next page
Left arrow Previous frame Previous page
n Open a new comment window Open a new comment window
(upper-case or lower-case) Skip video 5 seconds forward  
(upper-case or lower-case) Rewind video 5 seconds backward  
Hold Shift, then press > Play video faster  
Hold Shift, then press < Play video slower  
(upper-case or lower-case) Open in full-screen mode  
Hold Ctrl/Command, then press Enter  Save comment  
Down arrow Next comment  
Up arrow Previous comment  
Delete or Backspace Delete markup  

0 (zero)


fn+Left arrow


Home key

Restart the video  

fn+Right arrow


End key

Skip to end of video  

M (upper-case or lower-case)

Mute and unmute video  
Shift and scroll   Zoom in or out

Mac: ctrl+0

Windows: Ctrl+0

  Fit to page

Mac: ctrl+1

Windows: Ctrl+1

  Zoom to 100% 

Mac: ctrl+2

Windows: Ctrl+2

  Fit to width 

Mac: ctrl+3

Windows: Ctrl+3 

  Fit to height 
Mac: cmd++

Windows: Ctrl++

  Zoom in 
Mac: cmd+-

Windows: Ctrl+-

  Zoom out

Mac: cmd+f

Windows: Ctrl+f

  Search document

Mac: cmd+g

Windows: Ctrl+g

Mac and Windows: Press Enter key in the Search field.

  Next search result

Mac: cmd+Shift+g

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+g

Mac and Windows: Press Shift+Enter keys in the Search field.

  Previous search result
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