Keyboard Shortcuts in the Web Proofing Viewer

The information described in this section is available only with the new Web Proofing Viewer and the Desktop Proofing Viewer. It is not available with the Legacy Proofing Viewer. [Remove statement after Legacy Proofing Viewer is removed.]

Keyboard Shortcut  Action on Video Proofs Action on Static Proofs
k (upper-case or lower-case)
Play or pause video  
Right arrow Next frame Next page
Left arrow Previous frame Previous page

Mac: ctrl+n

Windows: Ctrl+n

Open a new comment window Open a new comment window
(upper-case or lower-case) Skip video 5 seconds forward  
(upper-case or lower-case) Rewind video 5 seconds backward  
Hold Shift, then press > Play video faster  
Hold Shift, then press < Play video slower  
(upper-case or lower-case) Open in full-screen mode  
Hold Ctrl/Command, then press Enter  Save comment  
Down arrow Next comment  
Up arrow Previous comment  
Delete or Backspace Delete markup  

0 (zero)


fn+Left arrow


Home key

Restart the video  

fn+Right arrow


End key

Skip to end of video  

M (upper-case or lower-case)

Mute and unmute video  
Shift and scroll   Zoom in or out

Mac: ctrl+0

Windows: Ctrl+0

  Fit to page

Mac: ctrl+1

Windows: Ctrl+1

  Zoom to 100% 

Mac: ctrl+2

Windows: Ctrl+2

  Fit to width 

Mac: ctrl+3

Windows: Ctrl+3 

  Fit to height 
Mac: cmd++

Windows: Ctrl++

  Zoom in 
Mac: cmd+-

Windows: Ctrl+-

  Zoom out

Mac: cmd+f

Windows: Ctrl+f

  Search document

Mac: cmd+g

Windows: Ctrl+g

Mac and Windows: Press Enter key in the Search field.

  Next search result

Mac: cmd+Shift+g

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+g

Mac and Windows: Press Shift+Enter keys in the Search field.

  Previous search result
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