Approving a Business Case

After you complete and submit the Business Case for a project request, the Business Case must be approved. This depends on the workflow in your organization. A project can start without the Business Case having to be approved, but your system administrator and project owners might not consider it ideal to do so. 

For more information about completing and submitting a Business Case, see "Creating a Business Case."

Any user with Manage permissions to a project is able to approve the Business Case for it. 

You will not be able to see the projects which are waiting for the Business Case to be approved in your Approvals tab in the My Work area.

You must navigate to the individual projects that need Business Case approval manually to see that they are pending approval. You can find the projects waiting for the approval of the Business Case either by building a project report, or by accessing the portfolio they are associated with. 
For more information about Portfolios, see "Understanding Portfolios."

Approving the Business Case by Building a Project Report

You can build a report for projects to see what projects need their Business Case approved. 

To build a report for projects which are pending approval of their Business Cases:

  1. Create a report for projects.
    For more information about creating reports, see "Creating a Report."
  2. Select the View tab of the report, then click Add Column.
  3. Start typing "Status" in the Show in this column field, and select this field when it appears in the list. 
    This column will display the status of the projects.
  4. Select the Filters tab of the report, then click Add a Filter Rule.
  5. Start typing "Status" in the Only show me Projects in which the ... field, and select it when it appears in the list.
  6. Select Equal for the filter modifier.
  7. Start typing "Requested" in the available field. 
    This will ensure that the report will include only projects which are in the Requested status. 
  8. (Optional) Click Add another Filter Rule.
    You can add additional filters, to show only projects where you are the Project Owner, or the Project Sponsor, or the Portfolio Owner.
    For example, you can use the following filter statements: 
    • Project Sponsor ID Equals $$USER.ID to display projects where you are designated as the Project Sponsor
    • Project Owner ID Equals $$USER.ID to display projects where you are designated as the Project owner
    • Project Portfolio Owner ID Equals $$USER. ID to display where you are designated as the Portfolio Manager. 
  9. Click Save+Close.
    Notice that all projects in the report are in the status of Requested.
  10. Click the name of a project in the report to open it.
  11. Select the Project Details tab.
  12. Select the Business Case sub-tab.
  13. Click Approve or Reject in the Business Case Summary area to approve or reject the Business Case. 
    The project status is changed to Approved if the Business Case is approved.
    The project status is changed to Rejected if the Business case is rejected. 
    NOTE There are no notifications that alert the user who submitted the approval of the business case whether their project request was approved or rejected. 

Approving the Business Case by Accessing the Requested Projects Sub-tab in a Portfolio

For more information about reviewing projects in the Requested Projects Sub-tab, see "Reviewing Requested Projects."

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