Updating Items from Outlook

NOTE The information on this page refers to the locally installed, Microsoft Office Outlook application. We are in the process of deprecating this functionality, and we recommend that you use the Outlook 365 Add-In instead. For information about how to use the Workfront Add-In for Outlook 365, see "Using Workfront with Outlook 365."

You can update Workfront items by adding an email as an update to it from Outlook. 

To update items from Outlook:

  1. Navigate to an email in Outlook, and right click on the email.
  2. In the expanded menu, click Workfront, then Update in Workfront From Email.
  3. Search for an item you want to update by starting typing its name in the Search and select the Workfront item you would want to update field. Click the item when it appears in the list.
    NOTE You can only search by the name of an item from Outlook.
    You cannot search for items using the following fields in Outlook:
    • Reference Numbers
    • GUIDs
    • Custom Data Fields
  4. (Optional) Specify an update for the item you selected in the Update field.
    By default, the update is the body of the email you have selected.
  5. (Optional) Click Include others in this update to let other users know about this update. 
  6. Click Update.
This article last updated on 2017-10-16 17:11:20 UTC