Understanding Currently Released Resource Management Functionality

IMPORTANT This article has been updated on November 9, 2017.

We are currently redesigning our Resource Management capabilities in Workfront. 
For more information about Resource Management, see "Getting Started with Resource Management."

Resource Management includes functionality for planning resources, as well as for scheduling resources for work. While resource planning occurs before the work actually begins, resource scheduling occurs after work has been marked as currently ready to start. 

We are releasing the newly redesigned features to the Preview environment first and, at the end of our release cycles, we will release the vast majority of these features to the Production environment.
For more information about our release cadence, see "2017 Release Changes FAQ."

The following table lists currently released functionality and the environment to which it has been released for both planning and scheduling resources. The more recently released features are listed first: 

Functionality Environment: Preview Environment: Production

Resource Planning



Resource Scheduling



Resource Planning or Scheduling