Error When Browsing to Sandbox URL: "Let's try that again"


Why am I seeing this error when browsing to my sandbox URL?


Users will receive this error when browsing to their preview or CR sandbox URL if SSO is enabled in the sandbox environment but the metadata has not been uploaded to their service provider.


1- An Administrator must add /login to the end of the URL to get to the login page and login with their Workfront username / password

2- Go to Setup > System > Settings > Single Sign-On and edit the SSO settings

3a- Disable SSO: Scroll to the bottom of the settings section and uncheck the Enable box.  

  • This will require users to log in with their Workfront user/password


3b- Update Metadata: Click the Download Metadata link at the top of the page and upload the metadata file to the SSO provider.  

  • This will allow users to log in with their SSO credentials.

Note: These steps will only need to be completed once/sandbox environment then all future refreshes will retain these settings and access through the normal URL will function without requiring /login.