Configuring Default Proof Roles in Workfront

As a Workfront administrator, you can configure the default proofing role for users and guest users who access proofs created in Workfront.

Configuring Default Proofing Roles

  1. In the Global Navigation Bar, click Setup
  2. Click Review and Approval near the bottom of the panel on the left.
  3. In the Roles for designated recipients of a document proof section, select the default role for users and guests who are added to a proof's workflow.
    See "Rights Associated with Proofing Roles" below for a list of each proofing role and the rights associated with it.
    -This setting applies only to users who are created in Workfront after the role is set; not to existing users.
    -When sharing a proof, users can adjust this role for those they are sharing with, as described in, as described in "Adding Users to a Proof" in "Sharing a Proof within Workfront."
  4. In the Roles for non-recipients that open a document proof section, select the default role for users and guests who can access a proof, but are not added to the proof's workflow.
    This situation occurs when users and guests have access to a document in Workfront, but are not added to the proof created from the document. Their access to the document allows them to open the proof.
    Here are two examples of how you could use this setting:
    • You select Read only to limit all proof activity such as adding comments and making decisions to those who have been asked to do it.
    • You select Reviewer because you want any member of the team to be able to add markups and comments on a proof.
  5. Click Save.

Rights Associated with Proofing Roles

The following table lists each proofing role and the rights associated with it: [this is duplicated in "Sharing a Proof within Workfront"]


View a Proof

Add Markups

Add Comments

Edit Own Comments If There Are No Replies

Make a Decision

Edit or Delete Comments Made by Others

Edit the Proof

View Approval Request in the My Work Area

Read Only



















Reviewer & Approver




(Not available when sharing with non-proofing users)



Moderator *

(Not available when sharing with non-proofing users)




Pink checkmarks: waiting on Dawid's confirmation:

* In addition to what is shown in the table above, users with the Moderator role can also:

  • Submit new versions
  • Add new reviewers
  • Apply actions on comments
  • Resolve comments
  • Delete comments and replies on the proof (made by themself or others)
    Deleting the first comment in a comment thread deletes the entire thread. Deleting a reply in the comment thread deletes only that reply.
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