July 2016 - September 2017 Documentation Updates

This section describes changes that were made to the Workfront documentation between July 2016 - September 2017 based on features that are generally available (available to all Workfront customers).




Article Status

Effective Date

Unlinking Issues from Their Resolvable Objects

Added new article about unlinking issues from projects, tasks, or issues which are their resolving objects.

New Sep 18, 2017
Attaching a Template to a Project

Updated information about the impact of removing a template from a project and from Workfront.

Updated Sep 13, 2017
Setting Up Report Deliveries

Updated information about delivering reports with special views.

Updated Sep 13, 2017
Filtering Content in the Resource Planner

Added new article outlining the functionality of filters in the Resource Planner.

New Sep 7, 2017
Creating a Business Case

Updated information about creating a Business Case, and the project financial fields on the Business Case. 

Updated Aug 28, 2017
Determining Work Breakdown Structure in a Project

Updated information about what activities you need to perform to build the Work Breakdown Structure of a project. 

Updated Aug 25, 2017
Understanding Critical Path

Updated information about the Critical Path in a project, and screen shots with where you can view the tasks on the Critical Path.

Updated Aug 25, 2017
Understanding Original Duration and Original Planned Hours of Tasks

Updated information and screen shots for Original Duration and Original Planned Hours of tasks.

Updated Aug 24, 2017
Creating and Editing Risks on a Project

Updated information about editing risks in a project. 

Updated Aug 24, 2017
Viewing Issues

Updated article with information about issue fields.

Updated Aug 18, 2017
Recalculating Finances

Updated the list of actions that trigger an automatic recalculation of finances. Updated information about preserving costs when cost rates are changing. 

Updated Aug 16, 2017
Working with Resource Pools

Updated with screen shots of how to associate Resource Pools with single users, projects, and templates, and in bulk. 

Updated Aug 15, 2017
Understanding the Projected Completion Date for Projects, Tasks, and Issues

Updated information to be more clear and accurate.

Updated Aug 11, 2017
Accessing Allocation Information for a Project via the API

Added a NOTE explaining that allocation information is not currently available as part of the API later, but rather via the browser URL.

Updated Aug 10, 2017
Updated Mobile App for iOS and Android (Early August, 2017)

New article that outlines the new features released for the Workfront Mobile App in the August 2017 release. 

New Aug 9, 2017
Event Subscription API

The release of the API Event Subscriptions is now available (it was originally delayed with the 2017.2 release).

New Aug 1, 2017 
Getting Started with Resource Planning

Updated article to which we added the prerequisites necessary for configuring Resource Planning in Workfront. 

Updated July 27, 2017
Understanding the Difference between Legacy Resource Planning and Planning

New article that outlines the distinction between these two areas of Resource Planning and their role in Resource Management.

New July 27, 2017
Getting Started with Resource Management

New article outlining the main areas of functionality for Resource Management and the prerequisites needed before this functionality can be configured. 

New July 27, 2017
Resource Management (category)

We created a new category where we will update articles related to Resource Management. This category hosts documentation about both current and legacy Resource Management features.

New July 27, 2017
Configuring Request Types

New article that documents how to configure the names of Request Types in Workfront.

New July 24, 2017
Editing Issues

Updated information relevant to the fields available to modify when editing one issue or multiple issues in bulk. 

Updated July 20, 2017
Understanding Issue Statuses

New article that outlines information about system-level statuses for issues.

New July 20, 2017
Recording Time

Added information in the "Timesheets" section explaining how to add an item to the timesheet, and remove an item from the timesheet.

Updated July 18, 2017
Working with Prompts

Updated information about limitations around working with prompts in publicly shared reports.

Updated July 18, 2017
Referencing Collections in a Report

Added a new article that documents how to reference a collection in views, filters, and custom prompts.

New July 17, 2017
Understanding FTE

Updated information about the FTE of a user. 

Updated July 13, 2017
Creating Approval Processes

Updated information about what happens to an item when an approval is rejected.

Updated July 13, 2017
Understanding Progress Status of Tasks

Updated information about the At Risk Progress Status of tasks. 

Updated July 7, 2017
Task Constraint Overview

Updated information about default task constraint preferences. 

Updated June 28, 2017
Editing Tasks

Updated information about editing a task and editing tasks in bulk.

Updated June 28, 2017
Understanding Resource Scope

Updated the article with a new definition and scenarios for when to use the Resource Scope field on a task.

Updated June 27, 2017
Configuring Workfront with Azure Active Directory

New article that documents integrating Workfront with Azure Active Directory.

New June 27, 2017
Navigating the Legacy Gantt Chart

Updated information about icons and indicators in the Legacy Gantt Chart.

Updated June 26, 2017
Understanding the Data Restore Process

Updated information about the data restore process when restoring data by submitting a request to our Customer Support Team.

Updated June 26, 2017
Allocating Resources in the Capacity Planner

Updated information about the "Move Schedule to Budget" option in the Capacity Planner.

Updated June 13, 2017
Working in the Capacity Planner

Updated article with in-depth information about the areas and navigation of the Capacity Planner.

Updated June 13, 2017
Understanding Percent Complete for Projects

Updated the calculations for the values of parent and project percent complete with a new example.

Updated June 13, 2017
Access Levels by License Type

Updated information about the access level of External users.

Updated May 30, 2017
Adding a Project to a Program

Updated information about how many programs you can associate with one project. Updated links to additional articles about portfolios and projects.

Updated May 25, 2017
Deleting Templates

Added article which outlines how to delete templates.

New May 24, 2017
Editing Templates

Updated information about how to edit templates.

Updated May 24, 2017
Creating a New Template

Separated the "creating a template" from the "managing" ("editing") a template in two separate articles and updated the information about how to create a new template from scratch.

Updated May 24, 2017
Understanding Planned Hours

Updated information about Planned Hours for tasks and issues vs projects, as well as where the value of Planned Hours can be located in Workfront. 

Updated May 23, 2017
Timesheet and Hour Preferences

Updated information about logging time for closed or canceled tasks and issues.

Updated May 23, 2017
Understanding Actual Hours

Added new article that documents the functionality around Actual Hours.

New May 23, 2017
Exporting Data

Updated information stating the maximum number of rows allowed in an export. Previously, this was documented as 65,000. The correct limit is 50,000.

Updated May 22, 2017
Deleting Tasks

In the "The Impact of Deleting Tasks" section, added information explaining that you cannot delete tasks that have billable hours.

Updated May 15, 2017
Creating Workfront Requests

New article about creating Workfront requests using a Request Queue.

New May 11, 2017
Understanding Early Access

Updated information about this now deprecated environment. Updated list of features still available only in Early Access.

Updated April 26, 2017
Custom View, Filter, and Grouping Samples 

Updated the examples and code in all the articles linked to this page with examples of text mode views, filters, and groupings. 

Updated April 25, 2017
Branding the Workfront Site

Updated information about not being able to update or remove the Workfront banner on the login screen. 

Updated April 25, 2017
Configuring SAML SSO with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1, SHA-256) 

New article that outlines our future support for SAML SSO in relation to SHA-256 and deprecation of SHA-1 for website certificates.

New April 21, 2017
Preview Sandbox Testing Environment

Updated information about how to enable receiving emails from the Preview environment.

Updated April 20, 2017
Designating Resource Managers for a Project or Template

Increased the limit on the number of Resource Managers you can designate for a project or template to 30. 

Prior to this change, the limit was 10.

Updated April 20, 2017
Understanding a Reviewer's Global Navigation Bar Added this article to outline the areas visible by default in the Global Navigation Bar of a user with a Reviewer license.  New April 19, 2017

Understanding a Worker's Global Navigation Bar

Added information to outline the areas visible by default in the Global Navigation Bar of a user with a Worker license. Updated April 19, 2017

Recording Time

Added information in the "Timesheet" section explaining that the hour type cannot be changed after a timesheet is closed. Updated April 14, 2017

Editing Projects

Updated information about all fields that can be edited during a project edit.  Updated April 11, 2017

Adding a Chart to a Report

Added information about limitations while working with charts. Updated April 11, 2017

Requesting Document Approvals

Moved this information from "Viewing Approvals" and made it a stand-alone article. Updated information throughout the article for accuracy. New April 6, 2017

Understanding Objects

Updated screenshots. Updated April 3, 2017

Managing Expenses

Added links and updated organization. Updated March 31,2017

Attaching a Custom Form to a Business Case

Updated screenshots, reordered instructions so they made sense and were in order. Updated March 31,2017

Creating a Business Case

Added a new article about how to create a Business Case. New March 31, 2017

Requiring Time to Be Approved for a Project

Updated information about how to approve time for a project and how this impacts the status of the hours. Updated March 20, 2017

Creating Billing Records

Updated information about adding billable hours, billable expenses and fixed revenues to a billing record. Updated March 20, 2017

Comparison between the Access of a System Administrator and that of a User with a Plan License with Administrative Rights

Updated the article to include a side-by-side comparison between what a user with System Administrator access has access to do versus what a user with a Plan license with administrative rights has access to do. Updated  March 16, 2017

Understanding System-Tracked Update Feeds

Updated article to include a legend of what the icons in the Update Feeds represent. Updated March 15, 2017

Understanding Resolving Objects

Updated article with information about resolving objects and status synchronization between the resolving and resolvable objects. Updated March 15, 2017

Creating and Customizing Groupings

Added information about sorting according to the value in a grouping. Updated March 14, 2017

Understanding Default Layouts

New article describing default layouts depending on access levels. New February 17, 2017

Editing User Accounts

Updates information about editing a single user account and about bulk editing users. Updates February 17, 2017

Working with Prompts

Updated information about custom prompts and differences between prompts and filters. Updated February 8, 2017

Creating a Report

Updated information and links for editing each tab in the report builder when creating a report. Updated February 7, 2017

Understanding Text Mode

Updated information about editing text mode in views, groupings and filters. Updated February 7, 2017

Understanding Workfront Built-In Reports

Updated the list of built-in reports and added a description of each report. Updated February 7, 2017

Understanding Reports

Updated information about reports elements, report tabs and sharing reports. Updated February 6, 2017

Enable Users to Email an Issue into a Request Queue Project

Updated information about what happens with the email after it has been entered as an Issue in Workfront. Updated January 30, 2017

Supported Proofing File Types

Updated list of supported file types. Updated January 24, 2017

Configuring a Custom Help URL

Updated information about configuring and accessing a custom help URL from the Workfront web application. Updated January 24, 2017

Accessing Workfront Help

New article that documents how to access the Help Site from the Workfront web application. New January 24, 2017

Making Comments

Updated limitations around the update stream of users and teams. Detailed the information about how to enter updates on various objects. Updated January 19, 2017
Troubleshooting Proof Creation Failures Added information explaining why a proof might fail to generate Updated January 11, 2017
Creating Resource Pools Updated information about creating resource pools and populating them with job roles.  Updated January 9, 2017
Understanding User Utilization Updated information about understanding user allocations in the User Utilization report by changing the view of the report. Also updated information about the user-specific and project-specific filters that can be used in the User Utilization report Updated January 6, 2017
Custom Refresh Sandbox Testing Environment Updated information about accessing the Custom Refresh Sandbox, going back to Production, and scheduling a refresh. Updated January 6, 2017
Preview Sandbox Testing Environment Updated information about accessing the Preview Sandbox. Updated January 6, 2017
Understanding the Colors of the Resource Grid Updated article with information about interpreting the colors and formats in the Resource Grid. Updated December 29, 2016
Configuring My Settings Updated article to include detailed information about what areas of 'My Settings' are editable depending on user access level.  Updated December 28, 2016
Grouping: Project Sponsor for a Task Report Updated the steps to add a text-mode grouping to a task report and the code needed to group a task report by the Project Sponsor. Updated December 28, 2016
Running and Delivering a Report with the Access Rights of Another User Updated steps for both running and delivering a report with the access rights of another user.  Updated December 27, 2016
Filter: Parent Task Filter Updated article to include information about how to build a parent task filter (to exclude parent tasks in a task report) in a report using both the report builder and the text mode interface. Updated December 27, 2016
Filtering Reports by Time Frames Updated article to include definitions for custom and built-in modifiers for time frame. Updated December 27, 2016
Logging out of Workfront Updated article to include information about automatically logging out of Workfront. Updated December 27, 2016
Understanding Objects Updated article to include information about what objects are reportable through the report builder, as well as what objects are searchable. Updated December 21, 2016
Applying Custom Forms to Objects Updated information about applying custom forms to a list of objects, in bulk. Updated December 19, 2016
Understanding Project Statuses Updated article to include definitions for all system-level project statuses. Defined what actions happen and what actions might not happen when a project is in a certain status.  Updated December 14, 2016
Task Duration and Duration Type Overview Updated information about all task duration types and links to the respective articles. Updated December 8, 2016
Using List Controls Updated step-by-step procedure to add and remove filters, views, groupings and custom tabs from list controls. Updated December 7, 2016
Understanding Project Condition Updated information about Manual versus Progress Status Condition on projects as well as information about Project Condition, Condition Update, Last Condition Note in project reports. Updated December 5, 2016
Using the Forgot Password Link during Login Updated information and screen shots related to using the Forgot Password link during logging in to Workfront. Updated December 5, 2016
Logging in to Workfront Updated the article, to include various types of login: without SSO, with SSO, login on mobile.  Updated December 5, 2016
Configuring Document Integrations Updated information about what happens to linked documents when the storage provider of that document is disabled in Workfront.  Updated December 1, 2016
Understanding User Access Updated information about the type of users who can edit other users.  Updated December 1, 2016
Creating New Users Updated information about the access needed to create new users.  Updated December 1, 2016
Deleting Users Updated information about deleting versus deactivating users. Updated November 30, 2016
Creating System-Tracked Update Feeds Updated information about tracking fields; added new information about tracking actions; updated screen shots to reflect new UI changes. Updated November 21, 2016
Creating or Modifying Access Levels Updated information about default access levels, the relationship between user access levels and Global Navigation Bar areas, and updated screen shots. Updated November 21, 2016
Managing Task Finances on the Task Details Tab New article to outline managing task finances using the Task Details tab. New November 17, 2016
Managing Task Information on the Task Details Overview Tab

New article to outline managing task information using the Task Details Overview Tab.

New November 17, 2016
Cost Performance Index

Updated organization of information and improved formatting.

Added information about how the individual fields are calculated that are used to calculate CPI.

 Updated November 15, 2016

Schedule Performance Index

Updated organization of information and improved formatting.

Added information about the Planned Hours Schedule to Date field.

Updated November 15, 2015

Using the Resource Grid

Updated the information about the limitations of the Resource Grid when displaying allocation for tasks, issues, or projects that span more than 1,000 working days. Updated calculations for Planned and Projected timelines, as well as added information about the Resource Grid Preferences options.  Updated November 15, 2016

Allowing Users to Reply to Email Notifications

Updated information and screen shots about integrating a POP account with Workfront, to allow users to reply to email notifications triggered by comments.  Updated November 15, 2016

Creating Default Schedules

Updated information about creating schedules, and associating them to users and projects. Updated November 14, 2016

Receiving Email Invitations and Creating a Password for Workfront

Added a new article explaining the receiving of an email invitation and the process of creating a new password and finishing the creation of a new Workfront account.  Updated November 9, 2016

Understanding Email Invitations

Updated information about configuring email invitations for new users. Updated November 9, 2016

Applying a Scorecard to a Project

Updated step-by-step information about applying a scorecard to a project. Updated November 8, 2016

2017 Release Changes

Added an article with an FAQ section with information about the changes upcoming in the 2017 release pattern.  New November 8, 2016

Using Diagnostics

Updated article with more details about using Diagnostics, and links to other areas for more in-depth information. Updated November 4, 2016

Setting up Automatic Reminders

Updated article with screen shots of automatic reminders, and steps on how to set them up. Updated November 4, 2016

Receiving Email Notifications

New article describing the look and feel of the instant and daily digest email notifications. New November 4, 2016

Creating Timesheet Profile

Updated information on timesheet profiles. Some of the new information includes generating new timesheets using Diagnostics and associating a new timesheet profile with a user.  Updated November 2, 2016

Hour Types

Updated article about hour types and included information about built-in hour types and deactivating hour types. Updated November 2, 2016

Deleting Tasks

Added article about deleting tasks and the implications of this action. New November 2, 2016

Understanding Project Teams

Updated information about project teams, how users are added to a project team, how you can manually remove users from a project team. Updated November 2, 2016

Creating Timesheets

Added article about manually creating a timesheet. New November 1, 2016

Understanding and Managing Companies

Replaced with new, more comprehensive article about companies in Workfront.

Updated October 28, 2016

Using the Agile Burndown Chart

Added a new row to the table in Section "Understanding the Agile Burndown Chart" that explains the function of the blue and red dots on the agile burndown chart.

Updated October 28, 2016

Understanding Text Mode

Updated information about switching from text mode to standard mode and added examples of some of the most common uses of text mode. 


October 28, 2016

Using Calculated Custom Data

Updated information about the "Update previous calculations" checkbox, about verifying a calculated field, and about using an existing calculated field on multiple forms.


October 24, 2016

Updating Users for SSO

Updated information about updating Workfront Users with SSO Usernames.


October 21, 2016

Creating a Proof

Updated information about adding interactive content by uploading a .zip file


October 21, 2016

Understanding Available Licenses for Your System

Created article that describes the information under the License section on the Customer Info page.


October 21, 2016

Configuring Basic Info for Your System

Created article that describes the settings under the Basic Info section on the Customer Info page.


October 20, 2016

Creating a Milestone Path

Updated article with information about milestone functionality and how to create a milestone path, as part of Setup. 


October 19, 2016

Editing and Creating Risk Types

Created article describing the setup and functionality of risk types.


October 18, 2016

Customizing and Creating Issue Severities

Updated information on creating new issue severities, hiding and deleting severities, default severities, the functionality around the color associated with severities.


October 17, 2016

Customizing and Creating Priorities

Updated the steps of creating a new priority. Updated information around priority importance, default priority, hiding priorities, and functionality around the color associates with priorities. 


October 17, 2016

October 2016 Release Activity

Updated the release date for Project, Task, and Issue Approvals functionality. 


Previously, this functionality was communicated as releasing to General Availability on October 26.


October 13, 2016

Modifying Column Width and Order

Updated information about Early Access and Preview availability. Updated information about permanently customizing width and order of columns in reports and lists. Updated

October 12, 2016

Creating and Customizing Groupings

Update information about the color and font of groupings. Updates screen shots and links to matrix reports.  Updated

October 11, 2016

Editing Team Settings

Removed the information about "Views", updated screen shots and added more information that can be updated under the "Team Settings." Updated

October 11, 2016

Tasks and Issues Preferences

Updated resolving object information and permissions around requests, as well as all screen shots. Updated

October 4, 2016

Setting Project Preferences

Updated information on EAC and custom quarters, as well as screen shots. Updated

October 4, 2016

Exporting Data

Updated the information around limits for number of rows, file size and hyperlinks.  Updated

October 4, 2016

Linking Documents between Workfront and a Third-Party Application

Updated behavior of linked documents to the Box only service.  Updated

October 3, 2016

Understanding Likes

Updated the screen shots and added information on notifications. Updated

September 30, 2016

Understanding Fields in Views and Reports

Updated title and added information on several fields: "Note Text", "Last Note", "Last Condition Note". Updated

September 29, 2016

Work and Team Requests

Updated information on organizing requests and the Ready to Start and All tabs.  Updated

September 29, 2016

Understanding Work Requests

Added new article to specifically address the Work Requests tab functionality with links to pertinent articles. New

September 29, 2016

Understanding Working On

Updated article to define in more detail how a user uses the Working On tab under the My Work area. Updated

September 29, 2016

Done Button

Updated article to define functionality of the Done button from a user's perspective.  Updated

September 29, 2016

Configuring Which Status Is Chosen When Clicking Done on a Work Item

New article for system administrators and Plan license users to show how to modify the functionality around the Done button for teams. New

September 29, 2016

Cross-Project Predecessors

Updated screen shot and defined value for cross-project predecessor value in a task list.  Updated September 26, 2016

Understanding Predecessors

Updated the definition and look of the cross-project predecessors and refreshed the links in the article. Updated September 26, 2016

Including Others on Updates

Updated content and added a list of objects that allow for updates. Updated September 23, 2016

Bulk Editing

Updated permissions necessary for a bulk edit. Updated September 22, 2016

Searching Workfront

Updated article and screen shots with the various types of searches in Workfront. Updated September 22, 2016

Converting a Task to a Project

Updated information and added steps for converting a task to a project.  Updated September 21, 2016

Moving Documents

New article showing how to move a document to an issue, project or task. New September 20,2016

Copying a Project

Updated information on document behavior during copying a project, and updated steps to copy a project.  Updated

September 20, 2016

Copying Tasks

Updated information on document behavior during copying tasks.  Updated

September 20, 2016

Moving Tasks

Updated information on document behavior during moving tasks. Updated

September 20, 2016

Converting Issues

Updated information on document behavior during issue conversion and user access level for converting issues. Updated

September 19, 2016

Copying Issues

Added information on document behavior when copying an issue. Updated

September 19, 2016

Configuring Email Notifications

Updated several notification scenarios.   Updated

September 19, 2016

Attaching Reminder Notifications

Updated the section about testing sending reminder notifications. Updated

September 16, 2016

Configuring Email Templates

Updated HTML content of email templates and screen shot. Updated

September 16, 2016

Removing Requests from the Working On List

The article defines these links on the Working On list, in the My Work area: "Send back to Work Requests" and "Remove from my list." New

September 16, 2016

As Soon As Possible

Updated information on default task constraints in different scenarios depending on the system default for a new task.  Updated

September 16, 2016

Start No Earlier Than

Updated information on default task constraint.  Updated

September 16, 2016

Populating the Excel Template with Your Data and Unloading to Workfront

Updated information on custom data imports and attribute name substitution of IDs.  Updated

September 15, 2016

Administrative Access

Re-wrote this article, to include updated screen shots, as well as steps on assigning a Plan license user administrative access to certain areas.  Updated

September 13, 2016

Adding Documents to Workfront

Added information on the type of access level needed for uploading documents.  Updated

September 13, 2016

Projected Completion Date

Added information on the Projected Completion Date for issues. Updated

September 12, 2016

Creating Custom Forms

Added information about adding logic to a custom form, and linked to the pertinent article. Updated

September 12, 2016

Display Rules on Custom Forms

Re-wrote the article to include step-by-step information on adding logic to custom fields on a custom form.  Updated

September 12, 2016

Moving Issues

Specified permissions on Issues for 'Move Issue' access. Specified what happens to the documents attached to the issue.  Updated

September 12, 2016

Financial Access

Added 'Manage Expenses' to the table.  Updated

September 9, 2016

What does 'limited edit project access' mean for Work licenses? What can someone do?

Updated links in the article and added a note about Contribute permissions on the project, for Work licenses. Updated

September 9, 2016

Reviewing Proofs

Updated screen shots and text for 'Proofing Static Content'.  Updated

September 8, 2016

Using In-App Notifications

Added a note for Requestors and Reviewers - they are not getting in-app notifications when assigned work, as that is not the intent for this type of license.  Updated

September 8, 2016

View: Multi-Row Project View

Added steps and corrected the text mode. Updated

September 8, 2016

Personal Time

Added steps and clarification around adding time off to the Personal Time-off calendar. Updated September 8, 2016

Understanding Queue Details (Issue Form)

Added clarification around 'Understanding New Issue Fields' and 'Understanding Email Settings'. Updated several screen shots. Updated September 7, 2016

Creating Issues

Re-wrote the original article and added more information about the New Issue Form. Updated September 7, 2016

Creating Queue Topics

Added article on creating Queue Topics. New September 7, 2016

Printing Dashboards

Printing options vary with browser and browser version. Updated September 6, 2016

Chart Reports

Added the "Removing a Chart from a Report" section. Updated September 1, 2016

Importing a Project from Microsoft Project

Added step #1 to describe how to save a Microsoft Project file as an .xml format file. Updated September 1, 2016

View: External URL Using Custom Data Field

Re-wrote article to reflect current configuration.

Updated September 1, 2016

Enabling and Disabling Proofing for Users

Added Section "Configuring Whether Proofs Are Automatically Generated."

Updated August 31, 2016

Exporting the Gantt Chart to PDF

Added information explaining that the "What I See" option includes all subtasks to any parent tasks that are visible, even if the subtasks themselves are not visible.

Updated August 31, 2016

"Managing Your Work" in Workfront Mobile App

Added information explaining that users with a Reviewer or Requestor license do not have access to the Work area of the mobile app.

Updated August 29, 2016

Configuring Email Templates

Added information explaining how to link to custom fields within the HTML.

Updated August 19, 2016

As Soon As Possible

Added information explaining the difference between the As Soon As Possible constraint and the Earliest Available Time constraint.

Updated August 11, 2016 
Earliest Available Time

Added information explaining the difference between the As Soon As Possible constraint and the Earliest Available Time constraint.

Updated  August 11, 2016 
As Late As Possible

Added information explaining the difference between the As Late As Possible constraint and the Latest Available Time constraint.

Updated August 11, 2016
Latest Available Time  Added information explaining the difference between the As Late As Possible constraint and the Latest Available Time constraint. Updated August 11, 2016
Workfront Software Requirements Added information explaining that you must configure most browsers to allow the use of the Adobe Flash Plugin. Updated August 10, 2016

Creating Billing Records

Added information explaining that the Approve Project Time option affects whether hours can be used on the Billing Record.

Updated July 27, 2016

Approving Project Time

Added information explaining that the Approve Project Time option affects whether hours can be used on the Billing Record.

Also updated the article to improve organization and readability.

Updated July 27, 2016

Viewing Items in a List

Added information explaining what lists are in Workfront and where they are located.

Also added information explaining how to modify the number of items that are displayed on a given page.

New July 6, 2016


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