Self Start Guide - Introduction

Congratulations on your decision to use the easiest and most powerful online review and approval solution, Workfront Proof. We’re excited to have you onboard and want to make sure you are successful in configuring and using your new account. This guide is intended to walk you through the process of setup, training and integrating Workfront Proof into your daily project workflow.

We’ll focus on 5 areas:

  • Site Configuration: First you’ll configure your Workfront Proof instance for how your teams will work within the system. We’ll show you how to setup branding elements, create user accounts, and configure Workfront Proof
  • Proof Creation and Sharing: Once your site is setup, we will show you how to create proofs for approval and share with reviewers.
  • Training your users: You’ll want to train your users on the system. Typically we recommend breaking the training into two main roles to ensure they get the right content for how they use the system- Proof Creators and Proof Reviewers. We also will provide some user guides for you to use when training new users
  • Pilot Testing: Pilot testing can help fine-tune things like workflows and user's settings in a real-time environment before Launch. Choose a small group of internal users to pilot one to several proofs. 
  • Launch and Adoption: Once the site is setup and the users have been trained, you’re ready to launch. We’ll give you a few tips for managing your launch and increasing adoption as you roll out to additional users.


Estimating Resources for Implementation


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