Self Start Guide - Adding Users

Who: Site Admin

Time: 1-2 hours, typically

Our first step is to get your site configured correctly. The purpose of this quick-start guide is to get you setup and proofing quickly. We will not cover every option in Workfront Proof but instead focus on those most important to starting up your account. If you want more information on any topic, we’ll include links to our help center for you to take a deeper dive.

Plan your time - while Workfront Proof is very easy to use, going through these steps will familiarize you with some of the additional settings and functions available. We estimate getting the basics setup will take an hour or two, but if you plan to configure some of the more advanced features (custom fields, custom views, Dropzone, etc), you might need to spend a little more time. 

First things first - let’s log in!

To configure system settings, you’ll need to have a user account with Administrator permissions. If you signed up for a trial account, that user will likely be a Billing Admin and you may use that to configure your account. Of course, you can also add additional administrators to your account as needed. We will cover user creation and permissions profiles in a moment, or you can jump ahead to that section.

Set Account Details

Once logged in, the first thing we recommend doing is setting up your account details. These will be the defaults for all your users, though you can change them on a per-user basis. For example, if you have remote workers in different time zones, or who work in different languages.



Setting your site defaults to the settings that are most common will save you time when creating users because their preferences will be inherited from these settings.

  • In the top-right corner of your site, select Settings -> Account settings
  • Navigate to the Details tab (this section shows general information for your organization)
  • Be sure to:
    • Set your country
    • Set your default language - this will be the default language for your users and for guest reviewers.
    • Set your default timezone - Workfront Proof displays the time which activity took place on a proof e.g. deadlines, decisions, comments and when a proof was created (By default the time is displayed in GMT).

All Users (i.e. people who have a Workfront Proof account) can set their own time zone in Personal settings. If a personal time zone is set, all times will be automatically converted to their local time zone, even if the proof was created by a user in a different time zone.

All Guest reviewers (i.e. people that do not have their own Workfront Proof account) will see all times in GMT.

More info here

Setup Users

The Users tab allows you to create new users and shows the list of users in your account. From here you can also manage your users - activating, deactivating, even deleting if necessary.



Workfront Proof also supports Guest Reviewers, allowing you to share proofs with anyone with an email address. Many clients, however, create user profiles for reviewers so they can have a secure, password protected review, as well as a dashboard to track their approvals.

More info here.

Permissions Profile

A note on configuring your users: The Permission Profile you assign to your users will determine what functionality they have access to within Workfront Proof. For example, do they have permission to configure site settings, create proofs, etc.



The Workfront Proof Premium Edition allows you to manage Custom Profiles, giving you more control over user permissions.


The following grid can help you determine which Permission Profile to assign to your users.





Typically, we recommend setting users who create or manage proofs to the Manager Permission Profile unless they need to manage other user’s proofs. For people who only review proofs, we recommend the Observer Permission Profile.

More info here.

Proof Roles

Separate from a user’s Permission Profile, their Proof Role defines what actions a reviewer can take in relation to a specific proof. The following grid can help you determine which Proof Role to assign your users. When creating users, you can set their default Proof Roles for proofs which will be applied when they are invited to a new proof. These roles can be overridden by a proof creator if necessary for that specific proof.

The following grid can help you determine which Proof Role to assign to your users.





The most common Proof Role is Reviewer and Approver. Use Author and Moderator for workflows where the proof creator wants to have another user manage the proof review process. For example a designer creates a proof and passes to an account manager to manage the review process.

More info here

Default email alert

Another default setting for a user is the email alert that will be used when inviting the user to a proof review NOTE this can also be overridden at a per-proof level if a different activity alert is required.

  • All activity - reviewers will receive a separate email notification for every comment or decision. This is useful for rushed proofs where you want constant updates, but can generate a lot of notifications.
  • Replies to my comments - reviewers will be notified if a subsequent reviewer responds to their comment in the thread.
  • Decisions - reviewers will be notified when each approval decision is made.
  • Final decision - reviewers will be notified only when the last approval decision is made.
  • Hourly summary - reviewers will be notified of any activity in the proof in the last hour. Note that if there is no activity, they will not receive a notification.
  • Daily summary - reviewers will be notified of any activity in the proof in the last day. Note that if there is no activity, they will not receive a notification.
  • Disabled - reviewers will get no notifications during the review. Note that they still may get the proof invitation and late notification if a proof reaches the deadline. 


For proof managers, we typically recommend setting notifications on Decisions, so they get updated when an approval decision is made. For reviewers, we recommend daily summaries to start, but many opt for Replies to my comments.

More info here.

Create New Users

  • Click the New User button
  • Enter their email and name (their email will be their username to login to the system)
  • Set the user’s Permission Profile
  • Choose the user's language preferences
  • Set the user's time zone if different than the site defaults - this will allow the system to automatically convert deadlines to their local time
  • Set the user's default proof role
  • Set the user's default email notification
  • Optionally, you may setup the user’s proofing default settings if you wish - often we suggest the user set these up when they first login to the system

More info here.


Here is a video that walks you through the process of creating users and configuring their permission profile, default proof role and default email alerts.

This article last updated on 2017-09-19 21:28:42 UTC