Self Start Guide - Navigation and Views

Workfront Proof Navigation

Your dashboard is the first page you'll see when you log in to your Workfront Proof account. The dashboard summarizes the activity in your Workfront Proof account and provides quick links to other sections and functions within your account.

The dashboard looks like this:


The dashboard contains the following:

  • Organization Logo (1)
  • Top Navigation (2)
  • Search (3)
  • New Menu (4)
  • Sidebar (5)
  • Welcome Section (6)
  • Overview (7)
  • Recently Accessed Items (8)
  • Recent Activity (9)

More info here


The Views page allows you to see and work with all of your proofs, files, and folders in one place. To display the Views page, click the link in the Sidebar. From the drop-down menu you can choose the view you want to see.

You can create custom views of your files and proofs to list the items you want in the ways you want them displayed! You can also export the information in your custom view as a report (in CSV, comma separated value, file format). Note that Custom Views are only available with Select and Premium plans.

When you create a Custom View, you can choose:

  • Whether to include proofs, files, or both
  • Which columns are displayed
  • Which type(s) of filters to use for selecting items for the view
  • The sort order for your columns (e.g., ascending or descending)

More info here.

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