Self Start Guide - Contacts, Guests and Groups


Your Workfront Proof contacts page helps you manage a list of everyone who might be part of your approval process. The contacts list will include your users as well as any Guest Reviewers with whom you share proofs.

  • Click Contacts in the Sidebar to view the contacts page where you'll be shown all the colleagues, members, and guests in your account
  • Add a new contact


If you would like to import a large number of contacts rather than creating them one at a time, you can do a bulk import from a Comma-Separated file. Instructions for doing a bulk import can be found in the Help Center here.

More info here.


You can share proofs with anyone who has an email address. They do not need to be a user. We call these “Guests”. Guests receive an email containing a link to the proof that has been shared with them. Guest are managed in the Contacts section on the left side nav. New Guests can also be added to a proof during the creation process if you didn’t create them in the Contacts section.


Here is a video that walks you through the process of creating guests and configuring their default proof role and default email alerts.

More info here.


If you regularly share proofs with multiple reviewers, you might want to create a review group for them to save time when sharing proofs. These groups are easy to setup and manage. Additionally, you can set Proof Roles and Email Notifications for reviewers at the group level - these don’t necessarily have to be the same as their user defaults.

To create a group:

  • Navigate to the Contacts or Groups pages
  • Click New Group
  • Name the group
  • Add the reviewers and set their group defaults

More info here.

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