Self Start Guide - Settings Tab

Customize Your Site Settings

In this section, you’ll be able to customize your Workfront Proof site, set up branding, color schemes, custom decisions, password requirements, and other site settings. To access these settings, you need to login as an Administrator user and navigate to Settings -> Account Settings, and click on the Settings tab. The options for custom settings will depend on your Workfront Proof Edition.

The settings tab has the following sections in each Workfront Proof Edition


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Comment Actions

Comment Actions can be used to set a status of a comment or comment thread. During a review process, often a proof manager will reconcile feedback and wish to note which comments should be actioned. You may create custom comment actions, depending on your workflow. Once actioned, comment threads can be filtered by action, making it easy to see changes that should be made and hiding comment threads that don’t need attention.

To create a Comment Action:

  • Click New Action
  • Chose the name for the action
  • Click Save

The most common Comment Actions we see are some variation of “To Do” and “Disregard” - these are used by the proof manager before sending the results to the designer to make the corrections.



Here is a video that walks you through the process of creating and using Actions on Comments.

 More info here.

Pop-Up Messages

If you would like to have a message displayed to the user when a proof is loaded or when a decision is made, you can create them in the next section. Common uses for these pop-up messages are instructions for proofing, disclaimers, or other messages. Note that these pop-up messages are the same for all reviewers.

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Proof Defaults

In this section, you can select default settings for proofs that are site-wide. The options in this section will also vary by which edition of Workfront Proof you are subscribed to. More details may be found in the Help Center.

We recommend the following settings:

  • Set default deadline increment (in business days). Note this can be overridden at the time of proof creation if needed.
  • Copy owner from original proof: enabled
  • Electronic signatures: disabled
  • Proof counter: Enabled
  • Make folder mandatory: Enabled

If you need to have your reviewers electronically sign off on proofs, enable the Electronic Signatures setting. Note that any approvers will have to be Workfront Proof users so they can authenticate.



We recommend you enable “make folders mandatory” if you choose to build a folder structure to house your proofs. This will require users to add proof to a folder and will help with organizing and locating proofs.



Here is a video that walks you through the process of configuring the default deadline and mandatory use of folders settings.

 More info here.


The Workfront Proof Premium plan allows you to create Workflow Templates. Templates make setting up proofs with Automated Workflow effortless. Once the templates are set up in the account, all you have to do when you create a proof is select one from a dropdown.

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